Nokia has launched its series in the market, and it has gained a fabulous response. But due to windows OS, it lacks behind in sales. Still, the Nokia users are finding it equally entertaining and useful like android and apple devices. Today people are eager to download free applications and games by which they can spend their time in fun and excitement.

Need for entertainment options

Today’s youth is very much enthusiastic and destined to live a life free and wild. They love to keep thrilled entangled all around their life continuously and keep making life long memories. This is what today’s youth believes in. The young coming generation keeps on taking out free time from their busy life and wants to do something that makes their life worth living and to do the same they keep on exploring the world. When the world is running towards achieving excellence, there is no doubt to accept the fact that the life of the individual has become no less than a running machine, and everyone is destined to run towards success. Thus, at some point in time, one realizes how important it becomes for an individual to take some moments out of their life and make your time memorable. While cherishing your life, people love to freeze their happy moments through clips, videos, and images. Making videos and images is now very trendy, and people believe in taking hi-tech cameras to take out the best of images, which become lifetime memories.

Ten best apps for Nokia

The ten time-killing apps for Nokia users in the market are:-

Viber:– It is a fantastic application that is found in all operating systems in the market today. Through the Viber application, you can stay in touch with loved ones through video calling and text chatting as well as voice calling. There are no charges taken by the user for downloading or using the video calling facility. You can use it under an internet connection anytime and anywhere. Just download the application from the windows app store and install it on the menu. Start spending a fabulous time on Nokia now.

Wats app:- it is another top most leading application in the market which is available for free of cost, but after a year of registration, the user has to pay a nominal amount to the developer to continue the services. In this application, you get a text, voice, and file sharing facility. Video calling is not yet possible, but it is equally popular among Nokia users like Android-based device users.

Facebook beta:- how can you forget about the Facebook application that will connect you to the world, friends, relatives, and loved ones easily. The Facebook application is useful in every term. Go to settings and changed the option of alerts to get an instant buzz whenever any new message or comment is received.

Photo effect: – whatever pictures you click from your Nokia device can be easily transformed into different attractive scenes and modes with the help of a photo effect. It can bring amazing changes in the dull, sober, and simple looking picture into a professional one.

Nokia music: – it is one of the best apps with which you can easily download, find the track, and play music online. If you have an unlimited internet connection facility on your device, use the app 24 hours. The sound quality is outstanding so that you can enjoy unbreakable, clear, high-quality songs in your in just one click.

Bike race:- there are various time-killing game applications in the Nokia Store, but bike racing is electrifying. This is played by both genders, and even adults like the application a lot. The high graphics, superb speed, and best tracks are waiting for Nokia users to try out this app. Download now without paying anything and feel the change.

We chat:- this application belongs to the social network category and spreading its web very fast in the communication sector. Like Viber and whats app, it is also running successfully in terms of live chatting and text messaging. You can even find out unknown friends and people who are around you in a certain kilometer area. If you have no friends and are fed up with being alone, then it’s time to use this app to find out some special friends with the help of the webchat social contact option.

Talking cat: – a top-rated application that is a favorite of children as well as adults. You can download the application from the respective source that is mentioned above. There are no charges taken to download the application, so enjoy talking with a cat in pussy style. Beat him, scream, and play, see how nicely it will copy you. Laughing cat and talking monkey, rabbit, etc., are related apps that are also available for free.

Carry piano free: – it is an application that is best for musicians and students who are willing to learn piano. Learn the basics of piano and play without hesitation. Get this app for free and create your composition.

Adventurous games: – there are various games on the Nokia store that are world-class. You can get them for free and utilize time in the best possible way. Some games are strategy-based, and some are puzzle games that will enhance your skills.

Apple is unarguable, host to amazing new technology. The earliest of technology was led on a path of rapid development by the people at Apple. With various products like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macintosh series, Apple reigns over a huge portion of today’s technological world. Every Apple product provides a range of services like iTunes, Apps, iCloud, etc. These services are implemented a single secured database backbone, which has given a huge advantage of inter-dependability. These services work across any Apple device with the same Apple ID. Not everybody uses Apple items, and Apps must be utilized between two devices. You likewise should be joined with Wi-Fi for the element to work, unless you escape your gadget at any rate. Today we’ll cover a couple of different options for utilizing Apps on your iPhone.