We are practicing the 25 best Windows 8 features for arriving on the platform of Microsoft since its launch. The 25 features of Windows 8 you must know are discussed as follows.

Features of Windows 8

  1. Fhotoroom:

This is a free photo-editing feature that comes with several options included in its easy interface. The basic category of this application has tools to resize, rotate and crop images, and the sliding scales are utilized to change color temperatures and exposure value.

  • TuneIn:

It is the most well-known radio tools. It has all features that you would expect: numerous radio stations are divided by region, and lots of more are classified into dozens of genres.

  • Toolbox:

This is a multitasking tool, which is the cleverest application we have seen at Windows 8 Store. It consists of a host of minute utilities, from a converter and calculator to clock and weather tools. Even it has a fundamental social networking clients and a web browser.

  • News Bento:

This is the best application to keep tabs on manifold news sources – and it is completely customizable. Many are available only in six categories: Business, News, Entertainment, Tech, Sports and Design &Photo.

  • Nextgen Reader:

Nextgen Reader is a Windows 8 application that has been intended for both tablet and desktop users. By default, it appears similar to a basic desktop feed reader.

  • Chimpact:

The games are the most powerful suit in the Windows 8 Store, and the impact is an entertaining little diversion, particularly for the tablet owners. The plan is to propel your simian friend about the levels, squishing caterpillars, avoiding foes, and collecting bananas.

  • Sim Trader:

Sim Trader is a cheap way to observe if you possess magic touch. You are given an imaginary $10,000, by which you can sell and purchase shares along with financial impunity, scrutinizing the progress of your and other players’ portfolio from a particular screen.

  • Wordament:

If you want a single killer reason to purchase a Windows 8 Phone, then meet Wordament, a terribly addictive word game by playing which you can spend all your life.

  • Khan Academy:

In case you have not heard about Khan Academy, it is a not-for-profit global organization that aims to teach the world free of cost.

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica:

For a while, the Britannica application has been there on iOS, but it is the recent Windows 8 application that stood out from a fairly scanty crowd in Windows Store before launch. It is well designed, making complete use of a huge monitor for bringing you lots of images and some other interactive rudiments, detailed information, and search for a topic rapidly leads to many more.

  1. Netflix:

Even though on other platforms, we can have opted for LoveFilm Instant, much better designed, is the Netflix alternative, and currently, it is the mere option on Windows 8.

  1. Plex:

Streaming your video and music to mobile devices is made simple and easy by Plex, which works on an extensive range of tablets and phones – taking in windows Phones as of past this year.

  1. Skyscanner:

Already Skyscanner enjoys a status to find some most eager prices, and this application makes navigating them quick and easy.

  1. Fresh Paint:

This application imitates the pleasure of clouting paint on the canvas compared to no other. The paint in a single color and the brush over the same area with another color and observe as these colors bleed together authentically.

  1. Xbox SmartGlass:

Windows 8 tablet is turned into a touchscreen controller for Xbox console by SmartGlass, letting you access the non-gaming features of the console of Microsoft.

  1. Cocktail Flow:

Cocktail applications are not rare on Android and iOS, but this Windows 8 application is a good example of the genre.

  1. ESPN FC:

With no mark of Sky Sports application on Windows 8 tools, it is up to opponent ESPN to fetch us our football scores and news, and this fast improving application does an incredible job.

  1. Skype:

The Skype application was created from the ground up to be perfect for utilization on a tablet like the Surface, competent to run noiselessly at all times in the background, set to explode into action as an instant message or call comes in.

  1. Star Chart:

One among the early showcases intended for the full-screen style of Windows 8, Star Chart catches a familiar application idea – utilizing the camera of your tablet for exploring the night sky – and carries it out with incredible panache.

  • Armed:

A real-time approach game in PC classic Star craft’s ilk, Armed is evidence that recent Windows 8 application will not be short of substance. Uniformly controllable with a mouse or touchscreen tablet, Armed needs you to harvest resources, create a base, discover new territories, and protect against attack.

  • Ministry of Sound:

This is a must-have application for legendary dance club’s fans. This Ministry of Sound offers a treasure of free music conferences for the clubbers. The Live session from the club section offers a set of five-hour from the previous Saturday night, providing you a sense of the environment of London venue.

  • Wikipedia:

This Wikipedia application offers a more handy way of browsing the encyclopedia of people, especially on tablet devices. The home screen of this application highlights the featured articles and images of the day that offer an amusing way to dip into an entirely random topic.

  • Pinball FX2:

Pinball FX 2 is not the most striking pinball application that we have ever noticed. Still, it possesses some best features, not the slightest the capability to observe how your scores compare to the other friends on the Xbox Live and online tournaments.

  • Music Maker Jam:

Music Maker Jam permits you to mix your own, Jazz, House music or Dubstep, merely by playing with various sliders and effects.

  • Growth Tracker:

A slight smart utility for the parents of young children and babies, Growth Tracker permits you to keep an eye on the weight and height of your child at usual intervals and observe how they match up to averages of their age.

Above mentioned are 25 Features of Windows 8 You must know. These features offer you great fun and are convenient and simple to tackle.