10 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For PC And Android

First launched on the 26th of November in 2011, Nintendo Switch was a gameplay console product from Japan. Soon enough, Japan decided to drop its price, which caused a huge demand for Nintendo Switch. It was then in 2010 that their first-ever 3Ds console was launched. However, even after all these years, the price cannot […]

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10 Time Killing Apps For Nokia Users

Nokia has launched its series in the market, and it has gained a fabulous response. But due to windows OS, it lacks behind in sales. Still, the Nokia users are finding it equally entertaining and useful like android and apple devices. Today people are eager to download free applications and games by which they can […]

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Amazing Technical Services For Online Shopping Portals

Retail companies are there globally, and you can look forward to optimizing the services related to customer care. There is a greater thrust on implementing the technology in recent times, which makes shopping easy for the customers. The omnichannel retail companies are the true stars in current times. The guide shall talk about this technology […]

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All About Xiaomi Redmi 5: Specs, Features And How To Book.

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi launched just seven years ago, has set some new records. Xiaomi has landed in the smartphone market with some innovative ideas and inexplicable price ranges. Expanding its hold slowly over the industry, Xiaomi built its reputation and fame. Their products boast amazing build quality, dazzling specifications, and all come at a […]

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All About Xiaomi Redmi 5: Specs, Features And How To Book.

The Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi launched just seven years ago, has set some new records. Xiaomi has landed in the smartphone market with some innovative ideas and inexplicable price ranges. Expanding its hold slowly over the industry, Xiaomi built its reputation and fame. Their products boast amazing build quality, dazzling specifications, and all come at a […]

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iOS 12 Versus Android 4.1 Versus Windows OS Online

Now people are aware of operating system configuration and their functions. Earlier a person couldn’t enquire about computer hardware make and OS processor because they lacked in knowledge. The scenario has changed, and 90% of people know how to compare iOS 7 versus Android 4.1 versus windows OS. The basic competition amongst these systems is […]

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HP Pavilion DV6-7040TX And Mac: A Detailed Overview

From the house of Hewlett Packard, DV6 7040 notebook comes bundled with all the technically fulfilling features as always been offered by this multimedia powerhouse. It is the latest product of the range of Pavilion DV6, assuring value for money. It comes with remarkable features that suit the requirement of both the home space and […]

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Forgot Mac And iCloud Password? Find A Way To Bypass

The founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, had revolutionized the world of technology. With the range of new products, Apple rules over a significantly huge portion of the tech market. Apple offers iPhones, iPods, iWatch, and the Macintosh series of computers.

Methods To Restore When One forgot iCloud password

Moving further, it does become important for one to keep these memories safe, and this is where the real game starts. We have been facing issues of keeping our crucial memories safe, and it often happens at an earlier time that our memory card or storage got corrupt, and we lost almost everything. Thus, there was surely a need for something that let the user keep their memories long life, and here came the concept of cloud storage.

What is cloud storage?

Data of an individual is stored in digital units at logical pools is what cloud storage could be defined as, and the hosting company owns its physical environment. These hosting companies are also responsible for keeping them always accessible and always available. Thus keeping it safe from the physical environment too. Now various people and organizations use to buy or lease the storage capacity from the service provider, thus keeping their data safe and protected from other elements. The same type of software is iCloud by apple.

What is iCloud?

It is a software, which lets an individual store his pics videos, important documents, and another sort of things like music apps, etc. it also assists you to easily share your photos or videos with your friends and families. It can also be sometimes useful when you have lost your device, and it could be helpful to find it out.

How does it work?

As soon as you set up your account of iCloud on your iOS device or Mac, then you have to sign in to the iCloud account using some other device and computer by using your same apple id, and you need to do it once. After that, if you make any changes on one device, it will automatically make changes in all the other devices you are logged in. this iCloud comes with a storage limit of 5 GB free. After that, one will have to pay a small monthly amount to make it accessible for further storage. However, a big question arises that what happens if you forgot your iCloud password.

Now here comes various ways to deal with a situation where one forgot an iCloud password. The following way includes-

  1. Reset iCloud password using recovery mail
  2. Go to apple id and click forgot password
  3. Put your apple id
  4. Select Reset your password and continue
  5. Click on ‘select an email.’
  6. You will be provided with a link on your mail, click to reset now, and put a new password
  7. Once done, you can successfully sign in.
  8. Recover iCloud by answering the security question
  9. Go to the account page and click forgot password
  10. Enter your apple id
  11. Click the option to reset the password and continue
  12. Choose answer security question to reset password
  13. Enter your dob, and further answer two questions correctly; you will arrive at the reset password page
  14. Once the password is reset, you can successfully login. 

Thus when a person forgot an iCloud password. These are the prominent method that one can use to reset password and successfully retain one’s account.

Use the Apple ID

  1. This is one of the simplest and best methods for Mac users. This method will work on all the latest versions of OS X, from Yosemite to Lion.
  2. Before we start, do ensure your Mac is connected to the internet, and you have a tied Apple ID to your user account.
  3. Apple has introduced this way out in case you forget your password. To initiate this process, enter the wrong password three times on your boot screen.
  4. This will summon your Password Hint and open up the option of unlocking with an Apple ID.
  5. Start the process by clicking on the “>” icon.
  6. Here, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID credentials, which you use to sign in to iTunes and App Store.
  7. You will then see the ‘Reset Password’ option once the credentials are matched.
  8. Upon clicking, you can enter the new password, confirm it, and then boot the Mac.
  9. You can now access the Mac with your new password.

With an installer CD or boot drive.

  1. Depending on the version of OS X, if you have a suitable installer disk or boot drive, bypassing the forgot mac password issue is very easy.
  2. Get the boot drive or installer CD with the same version of OS as in your mac.
  3. Insert the external storage.
  4. Reboot the Mac into the recovery mode.
  5. You will be directed to the utility screen.
  6. Amongst various options, select the ‘Terminal.’
  7. You will be prompted to a command-line interface.
  8. Insert the command ‘reset password’ (without quotes).
  9. You will get an option to insert a new password for Mac.
  10. Enter and confirm the new password and reboot the Mac as usual.
  11. You will be allowed to unlock your Mac with a new password.

Use another account

  1. If your device has more than one user, there is a simple solution. You can use a different account to change the password. The only catch is that the other account must have administrative grants.
  2. Sign in to a different account.
  3. Go to settings.
  4. Go to the User preferences tab.
  5. Navigate to the User and Groups section.
  6. You will find a lock icon in the bottom left of the window.
  7. Upon clicking, you will be asked to enter the password of the current account.
  8. From the options, select the account to which you forgot the password.
  9. You will be given the option to reset your password.
  10. Fill in the new password, and complete the remaining details like Password Hint.
  11. Click the ‘change password’ button.
  12. Log out of this account.
  13. Access the other account with the new password.

Apple support

  1. If none of the above methods works, you can always contact Apple support.
  2. They will ask you to follow a series of verification processes.
  3. Upon proper completion of the process, they will either remotely fix your Mac or provide a useful option.

These methods will solve the ‘forgot mac password’ crisis and let you access your Mac. Make sure to protect the password next time!

FaceTime Alternatives for Windows PC

FaceTime was presented by Apple in 2010 and has picked up prevalence since. With more items, for example, Macintoshes, iPad 2 and iPod touch being upheld, the video-call programming has turned out to be more adaptable. There are a few restrictions, however. However, you can still try out the policy of download FaceTime for Windows PC to get in something which will be good for the people. Well, the usage of FaceTime can be altered with as many as five alternatives, and they are.


Skype permits video calls, as well as content informing and standard telephone calls as well. You’ll need to agree to a pay-as-you-go alternative when setting calls to landlines; however, the administration can be utilized to call anybody utilizing the Skype programming. Calls can be set from an iPhone, Android, PC, or Macintosh over your current Wi-Fi or 3G association. With Microsoft buying Skype as of late, we may see it on our Xboxes soon as well.

Tango Video Calls

This free application permits you to place video brings over Wi-Fi or 3G systems. The well-known application is exceptionally evaluated and easy to utilize. Once introduced, it naturally looks at your location book and tells you which companions utilize the administration. You’ll be up and running in seconds.


Upstream is an alternate sort of video programming; it’s not intended for an eye-to-eye experience. As the name suggests, you can stream video and permit clients to watch along. You likewise have the choice of recording the stream to later post it on the web. You can share your streams on Facebook and Twitter.

OoVoo Video Chat

This is another free application that permits you to make video rings; however, now with six individuals all the while. You can utilize the application on the iPad also. You additionally have the choice of calling landlines from the application for a low rate.


Fring is completely free on the Application Store and shares a specific component from ooVoo Video Visit; it bolsters four-way video calling over different stages! How cool is that? Underpins the iPad locally; joining is speedy and simple. You’ll be having a gathering talk with your mates in a matter of couple of minutes.

Yahoo! Messenger

With video calling added to the program a while back, Yahoo! Messenger is an application that needed to make it to this rundown. The main drawback of said application is; you must have a Yahoo! email account keeping in mind the end goal to utilize it. Free on the Application Store and backs the iPhone and iPad both locally.

Want to have Facetime for PC? Here’s how

A few years ago, the Facetime service was launched as a competitor in the video calling product. With an amazingly easy user interface and intuitive design, Facetime gained popularity in no time. Connecting iOS devices, Facetime provided a smooth video calling feature, easily accessible, and usable to all. However, like any Apple service, Facetime is restricted to iOS. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There is, however, work around techniques to use Facetime for PC. Following the steps below, you might just be able to use this sleek service over your computer. Find out how.

Before we begin

The Facetime app needs a few requirements for its execution. While the app does not depend much on the processor and Ram abilities, it does have some additional requirements. Before we install and start using Facetime for PC, we need to check these system requirements.

  • Your computer needs to have access to Web camera to stream the video.
  • Access to a microphone.
  • A stable internet connection with considerable transfer speed to ensure error-free transmission and receiving of the video.
  • A registered Apple account and Apple ID associated with it.

To begin using Facetime for PC, consider the type of machine you are using, and follow the steps accordingly.

Facetime for Mac

  1. Using Facetime on Mac is fairly easy, for Apple has introduced Facetime support for Mac.
  2. In the higher versions of OS X (high sierra onwards), you get Facetime pre-installed on Mac.
  3. Open the Facetime app from the App preferences, or search on your PC.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Apple credentials. Enter your Apple ID and Password and hit ‘sign in.’
  5. You will be logged in to the app.
  6. To call someone on Facetime, you just have to search the person via his name or email address.
  7. Click on the camera icon to initiate the call with the person.
  8. In the ‘Preferences’ section, you get to modify the settings like Email address and Phone number, as per your requirement.
  9. You can personalize Facetime for Mac by adding your custom ringtone and setting your location through the ‘Preferences’ tab.

Facetime for Windows PC

Facetime is primarily built for iOS. It is not available on Google play store or Windows store, as it does not run on these systems. Hence, there is not an official Facetime app available for PC. The only problem is the file format of the app, which is made for iOS, does not suit Windows. Here are some alternatives to cope up with the situation.

  1. There are Facetime APKs available on the internet. Depending on the version of Windows you are using, download the Facetime APK for that version.
  2. However, it is an alternatively formatted Facetime app for android devices. We will use this APK to run Facetime for PC.
  3. To run this android app, get an android emulator called ‘Bluestacks.’ Download the setup and install it on your PC.
  4. Both these application files are free to download, as is the original Facetime app for iOS.
  5.  Run the Bluestacks app, and find Facetime apk in it.
  6. Once you install the app, you can launch Facetime via bluestacks.
  7. Launch the app, and you will get the standard Facetime interface.
  8. Register yourself and begin using Facetime for PC.

Facetime is one of the best video calling app in the market today. It’s very versatile and widely used. The quality of video streaming is exceptionally smooth, and the interface is highly intuitive. It supports conference calls with almost ten people on the same call. But again, like most of the Apple services, Facetime is bound to iOS.

While FaceTime conveyed up close and personal video calls into standard status, it’s not your just choice. Please tell us what video centered applications you use in the remark area of our Facebook and Google+ pages.

What Is The Difference Between TF Card And Micro SD Card: All You Need To Know

Memory storage for digital files has become increasingly a matter of necessity with the growing popularity of phones and laptops and digital information and data being transferred worldwide. Although a provision of internal memory is provided on phones and computers alike, it cannot be denied that 99 out of 100 people try to extend their memory storage using external memory cards. There is a virtual world beyond where we live physically. A world of applications, pictures, videos, and more important things like soft copies of vital data, confidential or not, and this world has long risen beyond its rudimentary state. Let us discuss why SD cards are developed and the various types of SD cards.

Why are sd cards developed?

Scientists and Engineers have taken leaps and bounds over the past decade to get this ‘virtual world’ to where it is today.  This kind of development builds demand for more memory space on the handsets and computers. Although cloud storage is a go-to option for storing your data files and syncing them across devices, having things like music and pictures downloaded on your phone such that you do not need the internet to entertain yourself at any point in time requires memory space on the phone itself. In fact, it is not a less known fact that applications that run on an internet connection also require space on the phone set directly.

With growing technology, there are newer kinds of external memory cards being rolled in by huge tech companies now and then. Also known as SD (Secure Digital) cards, external memory cards come in various formats and can be bought for broadening your device’s storage performance. While buying SD cards, many consumers come across confounding terms like Micro, Mini, Full-sized SD cards, and TF cards. If you are baffled too, read below to understand all you need to know about the differences between these.

What are micro, mini, and full-sized SD cards?

These cards are external memory storage chips that come in various sizes. When the technology was still nascent, SD cards were quite bigger, macro in size, but over time, they came down to what we know today as micro SD cards without compromising the data storage volume.  Although micro SD cards were not first known by this name, they became very popular in those times owing to the small size and their ability to fit into almost any slim handsets or laptops. Mini cards did not ever gain the acclaim that either of their two counterparts, macro, and micro, did.

Micro and Mini SD cards can fit into Macro SD slots with the help of adapters of macro sizes with a smaller slot cut in them.

What is the difference between micro SD cards and TF cards?

The TF cards are essentially the same as micro SD cards. However, there are some very few differences that need to be talked about.

If they are the same, why are they named differently?

When mini SD cards were brought into the market, SanDisk in 2004 rolled out its version of even smaller SD cards and named it the Trans Flashcards, also known as TF cards. It must be noted that SanDisk first introduced the concept of flashcards in 1994 when its storage capacity was only 1 MB. However, with time, their technology progressed, and in 2004, the storage capacity of their product was a relatively massive 128 MB. Their cards turned out to be a huge hit in the market and were soon adopted by the SD card association that then changed their name to a micro SD card. But some people still choose to call them TF cards.

Is there entirely no difference in these two types except for the company name?

Although on the outside, it might seem like there is not much difference, and they can be used interchangeably in their slots, there are some minor differences in the internal working part of these cards. Some of the notable ones are the following:

  • Micro SD cards are slightly bigger in volume than the TF cards, not much to affect your decision of using them interchangeably.
  • Micro SD cards, in addition to the SDHC, SDXC types, come with SDIO (Secure Disk Input Output) feature that allows it to work as a separate small computer in itself, allowing it to be integrated with GPS, NFC, Bluetooth modules, etc. This is not possible with traditional TF cards.
  • Micro SD cards can have memory capacities up to 2TB, whereas the maximum a TF card can go to is 128 GB. However, it is worth noting that MicroSD cards are not available for 64GB memory allocation while TF cards are. 

Is there any difference in the transfer speeds?

This is one of the most common misconceptions people have regarding the differences between micro SD and TF cards. It has to be understood that the transfer speed of memory cards can be classified based on the class of the card. The cards are available in four classes, Class 2, Class 4, Class 6, Class 10, allowing 2MB/s, 4MB/s, 6MB/s, and 10MB/s speeds. Both MicroSD cards and TF cards are available in these different classes and can be bought according to your suitability.  You are able to play and shoot 1080p full HD recording with this phone, and it possesses Xenon flash also. It contains pure motions 4.5 inch AMOLED display, storage of 32 GB, and RAM of 1GB. This phone supports the 4G network and is available with windows eight phone OS. This phone can be charged wirelessly. It possesses a CPU of 1.5 GigaHertz dual-core processor.  

To summarize, there will not be much of a difference at the consumer level if you buy either of these, but if you want your memory card to have functionalities of an Input-Output device like Bluetooth or GPS or for Near Field Communication (NFC), even, you should only go for Micro SD cards since TF cards cannot do the job for you.

Top 5 Best Comic Books Readers And Movie Box App For Entertainment

For the ardent comic fans, the e-comics have come as a blessing. Though nothing is comparable to the pleasure of turning pages of a proper comic book but catching up with modern times and advanced technology, the e-comics are a simple and easy way of enjoying the pleasure of reading. With the advanced comic book readers, you may, on your PC, Mac, etc., keep flipping the pages of books stored in its memory. Let us know more about it.

When you select a comic reader

While picking up a comic reader, you need to keep three points in mind:

  • The Format Support– It is essential for the application to be able to accept your comic book. Thus the format should be basic and supportable.
  • Display Options– Full-screen option is essential in a comic viewer cause no comic lover can ever read a book with total ease when it is surrounded by menu, sidebars, etc.
  • Speed-If the application hangs or is too slow in the normal course of reading, then the entire pleasure of reading shall drain; therefore, ensure your comic book reader has the appropriate speed.

Top five choices for Comic books reader of a Comic aficionado


This one is the preferred application due to the user-friendly experience it offers and the multiple options it comes up with. This application is free and gives endless options to its user like bookmarks, highlighting as the favorite, inclusion in smart lists. Besides all that, it supports both the formats: CBR as well as CBZ and thus totally smoothens out the experience of book reading.


This is generally the next preference after ComicRack due to its perfect view of 100%, giving total ease to the reader. It will save the maximum possible space for your comic and will hide all the unnecessary options from the screen. However, when the operations are not available on the screen, you will need to use hotkeys for all commands.


 It is a very speedy reader. With little storage space, it comes as a lightweight comic reader. With awesome format support of CBR and CBZ image formats and zipped files, it is smooth on the system resources. It is a perfect combination of ComicRack and CoView with several options and a full-screen perfect view.


This application is full of noteworthy features. It occupies little space and comes with awesome speed as well as unlimited variety. It comes with various comics accompanied, giving a perfect start for a regular avid comic reader, but the drawback it has is the lack of bookmarks and note taking tools. 

Simple comic

 As the name suggests, this application is extremely simple in all terms of usage as well as speed. With no striking or extreme feature, this application is designed to give an easy read, but it doesn’t have a start-up help, etc.

Everything You Need to Know About the Movie Box App

It is not all that you think the Application to be; unquestionably, the renditions of the Movie Box App may not be sufficient to make you comprehend what the app is skilled off. It is not just an application where you can set yourself to watch movies. These are the days that individuals are obsessed with Films, Broadcasted programs, and Trailers. It would be simple to discover all your favorite movies, TV shows, and trailers in one application. Yes, it is possible with the help of Movie Box Application, which is a recently launched app, to allow you access online movies, TV shows and do a lot more things online on your iPad/iPhone, Smartphone and PC without investing cash and energy to pursuit others.

“Film Box,” the well-known application accessible on the web, have every one of the elements to observe, and you can stream anything of your choice for free. There is such a large number of other applications, yet some exceptional elements will separate Move Box from other applications everywhere throughout the web. It is one of a kind arranging film application that is straightforward and quick. Here we can make our viewed/unwatched motion picture list to recall and surf other stuff effortlessly. Furthermore, investigate forthcoming, requested movies, surveys from the pundits, and first-class movies. You can do a lot with the app and stream any favorite movies and stay updated about all the upcoming movies in the month with this single app.   

Overview of Movie Box App

Since there are distinctive working frameworks, we don’t have a single answer for all, so that I will tell diverse methods for diverse operation frameworks. You can pick the strategy of your separate working framework and take after the progressions to introduce. It is much too less demanding to download this element for windows. Download it from the given beneath connection and appreciate it. There is another option method to get Motion picture Box Establishment you can make them use android ask bundle with Blue stacks emulator. There are numerous android emulators for pc/portable workstation. However, I prescribe you to utilize the Blue stacks emulator, which is less demanding and has a great interface contrasted with another emulator accessible for android.

Features of Movie Box App

  • You can create flexibility for watched lists with an instance
  • Randomly choose the number of unwatched movies
  • Discover movies from different sections as well as categories which will include Top Rated as well as others
  • Be the first one to watch trailers of every movie when once it is being launched
  • Sort out selective movies with the help of dates as well as other parts
  • Select out movies with the help of artwork or different honors
  • Be the first one to book movie tickets online without a queue to be stuck at
  • Keep your money in the wallet and then redeem codes
  • Get attractive discounts when needed

This average application will give you a simple experience of reading with no added feature or number of options. So, try your first app now

25 Features Of Windows 8 You Must Know

We are practicing the 25 best Windows 8 features for arriving on the platform of Microsoft since its launch. The 25 features of Windows 8 you must know are discussed as follows.

Features of Windows 8

  1. Fhotoroom:

This is a free photo-editing feature that comes with several options included in its easy interface. The basic category of this application has tools to resize, rotate and crop images, and the sliding scales are utilized to change color temperatures and exposure value.

  • TuneIn:

It is the most well-known radio tools. It has all features that you would expect: numerous radio stations are divided by region, and lots of more are classified into dozens of genres.

  • Toolbox:

This is a multitasking tool, which is the cleverest application we have seen at Windows 8 Store. It consists of a host of minute utilities, from a converter and calculator to clock and weather tools. Even it has a fundamental social networking clients and a web browser.

  • News Bento:

This is the best application to keep tabs on manifold news sources – and it is completely customizable. Many are available only in six categories: Business, News, Entertainment, Tech, Sports and Design &Photo.

  • Nextgen Reader:

Nextgen Reader is a Windows 8 application that has been intended for both tablet and desktop users. By default, it appears similar to a basic desktop feed reader.

  • Chimpact:

The games are the most powerful suit in the Windows 8 Store, and the impact is an entertaining little diversion, particularly for the tablet owners. The plan is to propel your simian friend about the levels, squishing caterpillars, avoiding foes, and collecting bananas.

  • Sim Trader:

Sim Trader is a cheap way to observe if you possess magic touch. You are given an imaginary $10,000, by which you can sell and purchase shares along with financial impunity, scrutinizing the progress of your and other players’ portfolio from a particular screen.

  • Wordament:

If you want a single killer reason to purchase a Windows 8 Phone, then meet Wordament, a terribly addictive word game by playing which you can spend all your life.

  • Khan Academy:

In case you have not heard about Khan Academy, it is a not-for-profit global organization that aims to teach the world free of cost.

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica:

For a while, the Britannica application has been there on iOS, but it is the recent Windows 8 application that stood out from a fairly scanty crowd in Windows Store before launch. It is well designed, making complete use of a huge monitor for bringing you lots of images and some other interactive rudiments, detailed information, and search for a topic rapidly leads to many more.

  1. Netflix:

Even though on other platforms, we can have opted for LoveFilm Instant, much better designed, is the Netflix alternative, and currently, it is the mere option on Windows 8.

  1. Plex:

Streaming your video and music to mobile devices is made simple and easy by Plex, which works on an extensive range of tablets and phones – taking in windows Phones as of past this year.

  1. Skyscanner:

Already Skyscanner enjoys a status to find some most eager prices, and this application makes navigating them quick and easy.

  1. Fresh Paint:

This application imitates the pleasure of clouting paint on the canvas compared to no other. The paint in a single color and the brush over the same area with another color and observe as these colors bleed together authentically.

  1. Xbox SmartGlass:

Windows 8 tablet is turned into a touchscreen controller for Xbox console by SmartGlass, letting you access the non-gaming features of the console of Microsoft.

  1. Cocktail Flow:

Cocktail applications are not rare on Android and iOS, but this Windows 8 application is a good example of the genre.

  1. ESPN FC:

With no mark of Sky Sports application on Windows 8 tools, it is up to opponent ESPN to fetch us our football scores and news, and this fast improving application does an incredible job.

  1. Skype:

The Skype application was created from the ground up to be perfect for utilization on a tablet like the Surface, competent to run noiselessly at all times in the background, set to explode into action as an instant message or call comes in.

  1. Star Chart:

One among the early showcases intended for the full-screen style of Windows 8, Star Chart catches a familiar application idea – utilizing the camera of your tablet for exploring the night sky – and carries it out with incredible panache.

  • Armed:

A real-time approach game in PC classic Star craft’s ilk, Armed is evidence that recent Windows 8 application will not be short of substance. Uniformly controllable with a mouse or touchscreen tablet, Armed needs you to harvest resources, create a base, discover new territories, and protect against attack.

  • Ministry of Sound:

This is a must-have application for legendary dance club’s fans. This Ministry of Sound offers a treasure of free music conferences for the clubbers. The Live session from the club section offers a set of five-hour from the previous Saturday night, providing you a sense of the environment of London venue.

  • Wikipedia:

This Wikipedia application offers a more handy way of browsing the encyclopedia of people, especially on tablet devices. The home screen of this application highlights the featured articles and images of the day that offer an amusing way to dip into an entirely random topic.

  • Pinball FX2:

Pinball FX 2 is not the most striking pinball application that we have ever noticed. Still, it possesses some best features, not the slightest the capability to observe how your scores compare to the other friends on the Xbox Live and online tournaments.

  • Music Maker Jam:

Music Maker Jam permits you to mix your own, Jazz, House music or Dubstep, merely by playing with various sliders and effects.

  • Growth Tracker:

A slight smart utility for the parents of young children and babies, Growth Tracker permits you to keep an eye on the weight and height of your child at usual intervals and observe how they match up to averages of their age.

Above mentioned are 25 Features of Windows 8 You must know. These features offer you great fun and are convenient and simple to tackle.

10 Best Working Nintendo 3Ds Emulator For PC And Android

First launched on the 26th of November in 2011, Nintendo Switch was a gameplay console product from Japan. Soon enough, Japan decided to drop its price, which caused a huge demand for Nintendo Switch. It was then in 2010 that their first-ever 3Ds console was launched. However, even after all these years, the price cannot be called ‘affordable’ for most people. It still comes at a massive amount of INR 27000 to 29000, depending on the seller, and if you think that the console is slightly on the unaffordable side for you, but you still cannot get over the 3Ds games, this article is for you.

What are Nintendo games known for?

The Nintendo 3Ds games are known around the world today. Although it is most known for its console, which can easily be called the best globally, their 3Ds games are no less. Gamers are crazy about them, and with the growing popularity, more and more people are just adding to the bunch.

If you are a lover of these games too but cannot afford a console, don’t worry, for you do not have to buy a console to play these games. The world of emulators is taking huge leaps in all domains. Today, we have various Nintendo switch 3Ds games’ emulators available on the internet to choose from. These emulators can duplicate the graphics of the console on your Personal Computer or your Android Phone. It might not give you the feel of a console entirely, but the controls are pretty smooth, and the resolution of graphics can be higher, especially on a computer. If you are still with us, here goes the list of the best Nintendo 3Ds emulators available today for PC and Android phones, in no particular order.

Best Nintendo 3Ds emulators for PC

  • Citra: Citra has gain recognition as the best 3Ds emulator. Owing to its open-source platform, it is completely reliable and constantly updated by the developers. It has also not failed to gain popularity for its reliability. Citra is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. It offers you most console features with a very simple User Interface, which makes it suitable for everyone at the consumer level.  Citra, in its rudimentary stage, did not have a front-end to work with. So, it required gamers to know how to work with the command-line. However, today it has one of the simplest UI and can be worked on pretty easily. Another impressive feature of Citra is that it comes with ROM pre-installed. An important point to keep in mind is that Citra will not work on your PC if it does not have a graphics card that at the least supports OpenGL 3.3. Completely free of cost.
  • 3DMOO: This software was under development around 2014, but the development process was stopped suddenly, which left it to operate on the command line only. Although the emulator is not available officially today, the source code files can be downloaded from Github. Owing to the extreme sporadic crashes you might witness, this cannot be called the best emulator out there. However, it is compatible with Windows and Linux but not Mac Operating Systems. Downloading and installing can be a hassle if you do not have prior experience with the command line on your computer.
  • R43DS:  This software lets you play most of the Nintendo 3Ds games, except for the latest ones. Controls are customizable. And if you are a game developer, this emulator can be pretty useful for you. That is because your work results can be directly reviewed on your computer. This software is only compatible with Windows.
  • NO$GBA: Originally a GameBoy emulator, NO$GBA has spread its arms to take Nintendo 3Ds too. It is under development, and the latest free version is 2.6. It can run almost all the homebrew and commercial Nintendo 3Ds games. For people that are willing to pay, the 2.6a version is also available. It is compatible with Windows, even Vista.

Best Nintendo 3Ds emulators for Android:

  • Pretendo NDS: This is an emulator for Nintendo 3Ds that can be used on Android phones. It is pretty easy to download and install directly from the play store. With a pretty simple User Interface, it allows ROM, DS, 7z, and ZIP game files. The Rescan option on this application allows you to search in the storage of your device.
  • DrasticDS: This is considered one of the best Nintendo 3Ds emulators on Android. The application is not free of cost, but it is worth all your money for the amazing graphic enhancements it provides the gamer. The screen size can also be customized based on your convenience. The app is always being updated. It is officially available at $5.99.
  • NDS4Droid: It does show up in the list of best Nintendo 3Ds emulators wherever you look. It is an open-source platform, which implies that it is constantly updated and downloaded free of cost. The application also gives an immense smooth gameplay feel and can play almost all the 3Ds games. However, some games have a better feel than others on this application.
  • NDSBoy: It is one of the newer emulators on the PlayStore. It has been downloaded over a million times from google’s store and has a good rating of 4.5. However, the reviews are mixed, and it cannot be called the best on the list for sure. As for the pros, it is free and is under development. It would let you play almost all games on your phone, provided you download the ROM files externally. But the cons are that you need to have a high-end phone for this app to function smoothly. It frequently crashes on low budget phones, and sometimes it would not even give any prior warnings.

Whether it is for android or PC, not all software or applications, come pre-equipped with ROM. This means that you have to download the ROM from other channels on the internet based on the games you like and load it on the emulator folder in your phone or laptop for ease of selection at later stages. Click on the ROM of your choice, and voila! You are ready to go.

These emulators have made it so easy for all of us to play the 3Ds games without having to spend too much, whenever and wherever we want to.

10 Time Killing Apps For Nokia Users

Nokia has launched its series in the market, and it has gained a fabulous response. But due to windows OS, it lacks behind in sales. Still, the Nokia users are finding it equally entertaining and useful like android and apple devices. Today people are eager to download free applications and games by which they can spend their time in fun and excitement.

Need for entertainment options

Today’s youth is very much enthusiastic and destined to live a life free and wild. They love to keep thrilled entangled all around their life continuously and keep making life long memories. This is what today’s youth believes in. The young coming generation keeps on taking out free time from their busy life and wants to do something that makes their life worth living and to do the same they keep on exploring the world. When the world is running towards achieving excellence, there is no doubt to accept the fact that the life of the individual has become no less than a running machine, and everyone is destined to run towards success. Thus, at some point in time, one realizes how important it becomes for an individual to take some moments out of their life and make your time memorable. While cherishing your life, people love to freeze their happy moments through clips, videos, and images. Making videos and images is now very trendy, and people believe in taking hi-tech cameras to take out the best of images, which become lifetime memories.

Ten best apps for Nokia

The ten time-killing apps for Nokia users in the market are:-

Viber:– It is a fantastic application that is found in all operating systems in the market today. Through the Viber application, you can stay in touch with loved ones through video calling and text chatting as well as voice calling. There are no charges taken by the user for downloading or using the video calling facility. You can use it under an internet connection anytime and anywhere. Just download the application from the windows app store and install it on the menu. Start spending a fabulous time on Nokia now.

Wats app:- it is another top most leading application in the market which is available for free of cost, but after a year of registration, the user has to pay a nominal amount to the developer to continue the services. In this application, you get a text, voice, and file sharing facility. Video calling is not yet possible, but it is equally popular among Nokia users like Android-based device users.

Facebook beta:- how can you forget about the Facebook application that will connect you to the world, friends, relatives, and loved ones easily. The Facebook application is useful in every term. Go to settings and changed the option of alerts to get an instant buzz whenever any new message or comment is received.

Photo effect: – whatever pictures you click from your Nokia device can be easily transformed into different attractive scenes and modes with the help of a photo effect. It can bring amazing changes in the dull, sober, and simple looking picture into a professional one.

Nokia music: – it is one of the best apps with which you can easily download, find the track, and play music online. If you have an unlimited internet connection facility on your device, use the app 24 hours. The sound quality is outstanding so that you can enjoy unbreakable, clear, high-quality songs in your in just one click.

Bike race:- there are various time-killing game applications in the Nokia Store, but bike racing is electrifying. This is played by both genders, and even adults like the application a lot. The high graphics, superb speed, and best tracks are waiting for Nokia users to try out this app. Download now without paying anything and feel the change.

We chat:- this application belongs to the social network category and spreading its web very fast in the communication sector. Like Viber and whats app, it is also running successfully in terms of live chatting and text messaging. You can even find out unknown friends and people who are around you in a certain kilometer area. If you have no friends and are fed up with being alone, then it’s time to use this app to find out some special friends with the help of the webchat social contact option.

Talking cat: – a top-rated application that is a favorite of children as well as adults. You can download the application from the respective source that is mentioned above. There are no charges taken to download the application, so enjoy talking with a cat in pussy style. Beat him, scream, and play, see how nicely it will copy you. Laughing cat and talking monkey, rabbit, etc., are related apps that are also available for free.

Carry piano free: – it is an application that is best for musicians and students who are willing to learn piano. Learn the basics of piano and play without hesitation. Get this app for free and create your composition.

Adventurous games: – there are various games on the Nokia store that are world-class. You can get them for free and utilize time in the best possible way. Some games are strategy-based, and some are puzzle games that will enhance your skills.

Apple is unarguable, host to amazing new technology. The earliest of technology was led on a path of rapid development by the people at Apple. With various products like iPhone, iPod, iPad, Macintosh series, Apple reigns over a huge portion of today’s technological world. Every Apple product provides a range of services like iTunes, Apps, iCloud, etc. These services are implemented a single secured database backbone, which has given a huge advantage of inter-dependability. These services work across any Apple device with the same Apple ID. Not everybody uses Apple items, and Apps must be utilized between two devices. You likewise should be joined with Wi-Fi for the element to work, unless you escape your gadget at any rate. Today we’ll cover a couple of different options for utilizing Apps on your iPhone.  

Amazing Technical Services For Online Shopping Portals

Retail companies are there globally, and you can look forward to optimizing the services related to customer care. There is a greater thrust on implementing the technology in recent times, which makes shopping easy for the customers. The omnichannel retail companies are the true stars in current times.

The guide shall talk about this technology and its rising significance. You will also get to know the significance of this technology in boosting sales. Setting up an Information Technology support person for a company can be confusing, especially if you are a startup. Many questions might arise for this number of servers, how many tech support people are necessary. There is no such number of standards that must be followed. Let us discuss it in detail.

What is omnichannel?

This is an omnichannel approach that is used for boosting sales. The shopping experience becomes seamless, and companies end up gaining profits. This technology is also used for improving the customer service experience for the buyers. In this approach, there is no difference whether you shop through desktop or mobile.

This approach involves providing the customer with an experience that is quite integrated. With the implementation of this technology, it is easier to shop through any platform. Many examples set the Omni-user experience worth it.

How the retailing practices used in omnichannel?

To make your customer experience amazing, you should seriously think of implementing this technology. The basic purpose of this technique is that you need to create a customer experience that is quite consistent. There are mobile apps that should be used to create an amazing shopping experience for the customer.

Details about the automatic image tagging software

The identification of images and their content is one process that takes a huge amount of resources and time if they are manually performed for a large number of images. On the other hand, unlike text with the words, the images are just the data files that don’t have any meaning with simple software based on filtering. They require deep analysis of the actual meaning of pixel colors in images for automating categorization and the tagging feature. Possibly the most hectic part of all photo management is tagging of images so that the users around can classify easily or locate the same in the future.

Fully or semi-automation

This auto photo tagging software can become semi or fully automate this process and reduce costs for tagging uniquely for businesses. The companies offering such software include the image recognition pattern that provides plug-in APIs which allow all users to extract the information from photographs. For example, the auto-tagging API can process hundreds or thousands of photographs and return huge related keywords. It not only covers the proprietary image of auto-tagging but even the auto-categorization, smart cropping, color search or extraction, and more. By using this software, one can assign related tags to their images in an automated way.

The images are also parsed through auto-tagging API; they analyze it and further suggest tags they best associate. They can also suggest a thousand predefined tags, but the true potential of this automatic image tagging software technology is considered best. It allows all to define the tags specific for particular cases and learn to suggest or recognize them.

This can be discussed in this post, like the factors responsible for choosing a candidate to provide IT support.

  • Users: The number of users using the company’s service and the insight on the user increase in upcoming years can be a major factor in choosing the number of servers.
  • Servers: The speed, uptime, and productivity of the existing support should also be considered while determining the number of servers for IT tech support. Suppose the servers’ uptime and speed are at their best when they can do more work than others.
  • Systems availability: The number of systems like Personal Computers or laptops is very important in choosing the number of tech support people. The tech support people should be provided with several laptops which should not be disturbed, and hence it plays a very important role.

Quickbooks Features That Make Accounting Easier For Small Businesses

QuickBooks is a comprehensive set of software solutions that aims at managing several financial needs of a company, like managing its payroll, sales, and inventory. The software helps to simplify the day to day processes and transactions like billing, creating invoice or bookkeeping, accepting business payments, and managing and payment of bills. The software package is developed and marketed by Intuit Inc., and its products are designed for small and medium-sized businesses. The users choose on-premises applications or cloud-based versions for accounting to perform their daily financial functions. We discuss several features of the software here in detail that make it popular among all kinds of businesses alike.

  1. Organized Book Keeping

QuickBooks makes for an organized way of Book Keeping thus, keeping confusion and mismanagement at bay. You can track the company’s income and expenses, create invoices, and statements, balance sheets, and organize all the financial data in one place. This makes the process very convenient.

  • Integrated Payroll Software

The payroll software is also integrated with QuickBooks, and that too seamlessly! This makes it possible to keep all your finances in one place and track them from there. So you can pay your staff and track finances as well.

  • Make use of mobile applications

When you subscribe to QuickBooks support, the mobile applications are also included in the subscription. This means you can access any information at any time from your smartphone or your tablet as well.

  • Online Banking

The online banking feature is also integrated with QuickBooks online. With this, the statements and transactions get updated automatically.

It is the implementation that makes you earn the money that you desire. To find out ways in which you can improve your website and the customer experience derived. These are the requirements that should be considered for choosing IT to support people for servers.

Smartphones For Entertainment – Apps You’ll Need

Smartphones are more of a source of entertainment than what phones are meant for, that is, the purpose of calling and texting. It won’t be wrong to say that the world has been confined to the smartphone, and from small to huge, all the necessities are fulfilled with the use of a small smartphone. The characteristics that are introduced in the newly evolved models always holds something better and more curious than the previous edition, and this is one of the major reasons why the prominence of smartphones is always on a high. With the introduction of apps, the advantage of using a smartphone has multiplied. The multiple apps have brought conveniences through which life has become easier for people using smartphones.

Yes, You Can Now Unlock iPhone on your Own

“How to unlock iPhone?” is among the most searched keywords on Google. In recent few years, the total number of iPhone users worldwide has increased by leaps and bounds. This has not only increased the sales of the company but has given birth to several new topics of discussion over the internet.  There is nothing complex about unlocking iPhone, all you need to do is take a few simple steps, and it will be done.

Why unlock iPhone?

Thousands of Apple iPhone users worldwide require unlocking their phones, but why is it so? Apple corporation has a contract with AT&T that keeps you stay with the same SIM card for at least two years. Yet another problem or restriction is seen when it comes to downloading third-party applications. You can only download applications provided by the default store, and no third party clients are allowed to download applications. This becomes a serious problem for those who like making full use of their phone, especially when you have such a featured pack phone. There arises the requirement of unlocking it, which gives you a cheaper alternative to overcome the issues. Unlocking software is used for this purpose, and then you are all set to make free use of your iPhone.

Jailbreak iPhone

Before you start unlocking the Smartphone, it is essential to jailbreak it.  You can jailbreak iPhone either by taking it to an expert or can personally do it with your software.  This purpose is compatible with almost all popular operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux. The model and version of your iPhone have to be remembered as each model has a separate version of the jailbreak software.

Methods to Unlock iPhone

There are several ways that you can use to unlock the iPhone, but we have brought you the easiest way that will not take more than a few minutes. Now here goes the unlocking process:

  • The unlocking procedure might well delete all your data, so you must create a backup file before starting the process.
  • After you are done with the backing up of data, now it turns to download unlocking software from one of several websites. Most of these sites will charge, and after you buy the product, an email will be sent to you providing a pass code that you will have to enter to have access to all the features.
  • Now install the application on your device and once it is all done, reboot your phone.
  • Your iPhone is now unlocked.

Always remember that unlocking software works perfectly with all iPhone models while the same is not the case when it comes to jailbreaking software. There are cases where people complain they are not sure if the installation procedure is completed. To ensure that your iPhone is unlocked, you can use Cydia and check if you are now allowed to download third-party applications from other sources. Yet another way of making this sure is to insert a new SIM card into your phone.

What apps do you need?

Focusing on the basic users of smartphones, it is very important to know what applications they need. Below mentioned are some of the apps you’ll need to make your life much easier and enjoyable.

Avast Anti-virus and Security– To let your device work unchecked, it is very important to protect the device against various threats and viruses. For the security of the device, the presence of the anti-virus application is a must. You can download the avast anti-virus and security online for free and use this to your advantage.

Greenify– keeping up the phone battery alive with an adequate amount is very important. Protecting the battery from vanishing away, you need to download the greenify app from the online market. It helps in preventing the battery from getting absorbed so fast by freezing the app, which is not in use currently. This app is free and much of use.

Clean master– The slow device is more like a punishment to use, and when the device hangs on each command that you make, it becomes frustrating for the user. The major causing behind the slow functioning of the device is the accommodation of junk files in the mobile, and you need to get them cleaned up as soon as possible. Clean master is meant to solve the purpose described above, and it helps to remove the junk file and make the phone work faster.

Tasker– Tasker is one of the applications which makes automates the work which you usually do manually. The general functions related to the moves that you make on your phone could be carried on automatically with the help of this app.

Opera Max– This free app on android helps you make use of the data pack to the maximum.  While you load the videos, images, etc., on your mobile, this browser compresses the size and makes it much easier for the device to load the required material. Turning off the connection and restricting the apps which are not required.

The smartphone is too much fun when you know the right way to use the devices and get the maximum benefits out of it.

Find How To Easily Setup Norton Antivirus

Today, with huge advancements in technology, the world has become largely dependent on it. In almost every little organization, individual enterprise, the smallest unit of automation, technology has enhanced the process. Amazing development, excellent speed, and inexplicable accuracy have made it imperative for technology to be used largely. We have found tremendous uses of technology and implemented it across a lot of our work.

With the large integration of technology in every little function of life, there is a huge threat. The rate of cyber-crimes has risen in a problematic manner. The main form of cyber-attack is by executing virus infections in the systems. Numerous types of viruses affect the specific types of data and systems. For safeguarding our systems, there are few software applications designed to protect and counter-attack viruses. These are the anti-viruses. The process of installing these programs is quite simple. Several IT firms are implementing antivirus applications like Avast, Norton, AVG, Quickheal, etc. Please find out more about the threats and their appropriate precautions, along with a handy guide to setup Norton antivirus.

The virus threat

The virus can be classified under executable programs. On the root level, they are simple applications that apply complicated hashing algorithms to the data in the system. They tend to corrupt the system files, which will affect the functioning of the system. Standard types of virus infections are Trojans, ransomware, malware, adware, etc. The mode of operation categorizes them into different categories. While some attack the storage devices and the data saved in them, while others head for the system files, resulting in malfunctioning. There are several applications developed to fight against these files and threats. These antiviruses work on preventing the threat by disallowing these viruses to penetrate in the system. The antivirus is installed in the root folder of the system, and hence the installing process requires to be done with some care.

Using Norton in your pc

Among different antivirus systems, the Norton application has been developed by the software developing company named similar to their product. A simple guide to setup Norton antivirusis provided here.

Downloading the application

  1. The antivirus comes in a setup file, which installs itself on the computer.
    1. Norton antivirus is offered on their official web site, but you can also find the setup file on different websites.
    1. On the official website, you will find a separate section providing a range of downloadable files.
    1. Select the file version which suits the operating system running on your computer best.
    1. Download the file to your pc.

Running the installer

  1. The downloaded file will be a setup file with a .exe extension of a disc image with .iso extension. Sometimes they provide a compressed WinRAR archive to be extracted, and it contains the setup file.
    1. Once you find the installer setup file with the .exe extension, double click on it to start the installation process.
    1. This process has to be done by an administrator user of the computer, or it asks for the permission of the administrator. This is because the application needs access to every part of the computer; only then can it ensure proper security.
    1. Once the installer starts, you will have options to select the installation destination.
    1. It is highly recommended that you install the program in the core system folder in the C drive of windows.
    1. The installation will take a few minutes, depending on the computer performance, internet connectivity, and the size of content to be downloaded.
    1. Once installed, you will be led to the dashboard of the application.
    1. Here you have technically completed the basic process to setup Norton antivirus.
    1. In the settings tab of the program, you will find additional options to configure the product according to your requirements.

Entertainment on your PC

Mid-1990s Desktop Telephones

AT&T wasn’t the main organization in the 1990s to push a shading, holding nothing back one videophone. The MCI Video Telephone likewise worked over consistent telephone lines.

The Video Visit Insurgency

By the midst of 2000, the online video was blasted, and soon it became popular owing to its shabby shading cameras, free programming, omnipresent PCs, and across the board broadband. The real texting came into existence by 2003, when the customers bolstered video calling. A majority of webcam sellers showed up their interest in designing and selling webcams for video calling such as Apple, Logitech, and Microsoft. By the year 2005, Skype wash launched that offered the best video chatting facility, which is still recognized.  

2000s-time Video IP Telephones

While adolescents were caught up with uniting with one another via the IM system as well as with webcams, the idea of the dedicated video calling stayed alive.  Most of these devices became popular amongst business circles as it helps them share plans and ideas with ease. Moreover, the administrators considered eye to eye contact particularly essential, only possible with video calling. Organizations started fabricating IP telephones which can be used over IP systems like the Web.

2010 and Past

Apple even guarantees to make FaceTime for PCan open standard to advance interoperability-something severely expected to convey videophones to the standard.

Videophone History

Steve Employments’ feature made it sound like FaceTime will pass on video calls to buyers curiously. In any case, the possibility of a two-way specific contraption that communicates pictures and sound is as old as the phone itself. Money related components have kept it out of the typical customer’s reach until the latest couple of many years. General society has more than once invited the thought in independent edge, on any occasion with detachment. In any case, trendsetters and visionaries keep getting back to the possibility that the videophone is the technique for what’s to come.

Apart from providing high security from virus infections, they employ a range of services like cluster and data cleaner, performance-boosting, and prevention of internet privacy. They are prone to frequent updates to be re-enforced with newer definitions of viruses and threats. But to an end-user, it is fairly easy to install the antivirus applications on your machine.

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