Are Vex From Destiny Robots?

The Vex are not robots, but rather heavily modified organic races that the player’s Ghost claims to be radiolaria, despite their appearance.

What Created The Vex In Destiny?

In the primordial “garden” that existed before the creation of the universe, the Vex was created as a result of a “flower game” between the Light and Darkness. As the Light and Darkness began to fight, they released patterns from the flower game, which led to the creation of the universe.

What Is The Vex In Destiny?

Venus is the center of a race of robotic antagonists known as the Vex, or ‘time traveling robots’. They are believed to be based on a Venusian structure called the Citadel, which is said to be the source of their existence. A player has been shown in promotional footage sharing this race’s alliance with the Fallen.

Why Are The Vex Evil?

Quria and Oryx have mostly corrupted the Vex we have encountered. During the worship of worms, Quria captured larvae and learned they could alter reality in a mild manner.

How Are Vex Made?

Also, they are organic beings, so they are likely to have evolved over time. The Vex are architects, the Vex are time travelers, and then the Vex are “liquefied”. As a result of the Books of Sorrow, we learn that the Combat vex was created during their confrontation with Oryx.

What Are The Robots In Destiny 2 Called?

A frame is a non-sentient robot that serves the City and Reef in a variety of ways. Both powers use them for civil or defensive purposes. As a result of the Tower invasion in Destiny 2, some Frames were saved.

Who Built The Vex?

In a garage, two engineers built the foundation for solving problems around the world. VEX Robotics’ founders are the driving force behind its success. The careers of Tony Norman, an Electrical Engineer, and Bob Mimlitch, a Mechanical Engineer, began in the same place.

What Is The White Stuff In A Vex?

Vex are the white masses that spill out of their stomachs. It is actually the Vex’s equivalent to a spaceship or a Mechsuit, as the “robots” are called. In the same way that they pilot their robot suits, the liquid Vex can invade a human body and begin to pilot it. A human can be controlled by them.

Did The Traveler Create The Vex?

The Traveller accidentally created Vex, which became a source of darkness when it gained attention.

When Were The Vex Created?

Current season, competition or edition: VEX Robotics Competition: Tipping Point


Robotics-related games


Tony Norman Bob Mimlitch

Inaugural season


No. of teams

Total Registered: 20,000+ VRC: 11,400 VEXU: 300 50+ countries

Who Is The Leader Of The Vex Destiny?

In the Vault, the Guardians defeat Atheon, Time’s Conflux (a leader of the Vex), but much about this entity remained a mystery to the players. Atheon is not known to have created the Vault, according to the Grimoire cards.

Where Are The Vex In Destiny?

The geography of the world. Mercury and Nessus are under the control of the Vex, who occupy a massive stronghold on Venus called The Citadel, which is home to many humans. Asher Mir calls Io the Pyramidion, which they hold in high regard. The Black Garden is also home to the sole residents of Mars.

Are The Vex Evil?

Neither good nor evil can be found in the vexes. There is nothing else to it. It is human constructs anyway, and as such, they are subjective, like opinions.

Can The Vex Be Good?

It is likely that Vex will be a good player in League of Legends. It is still too early to tell, but we will have to see how strong or weak Vex is in LoL.

Are The Vex Darkness?

As a result, the Hive worships the Darkness. As well as worshiping the Black Heart, which is described as a part of the Darkness, the Vex also possessed the power of darkness. Darkness itself infected the Taken with its virus.

What Created The Vex?

The belief is that Vex are not born or made, but rather are converted to them. Asher Mir’s arm became a Vex construct after he was infected with Radiolarian fluid.

Who Created Vex?

VEX Robotics’ founders are the driving force behind its success. The careers of Tony Norman, an Electrical Engineer, and Bob Mimlitch, a Mechanical Engineer, began in the same place.

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