Are Xelor Robots?

The Xelor are humanoids with robotic features that resemble mummies.

What Is A Xelor?

In addition to being a god of the World of Twelve, Xelor is also known as the god of the Twelve. Black Magic is served by him and his disciples, and he was one of the ten gods who discovered the World of Ten. The watch brand he is associated with is called “Rolex,” which is an expensive brand.

What Are The 12 Races In Wakfu?

  • The Eliatrope is an ancient race that laid the foundations for the Twelve Kingdoms…
  • A greedy treasure hunter, a digger, and a miner are all called Enutrof.
  • A brainless close-combat warrior who is brave but stupid.
  • They are called Sadida by one of their names: druids or shamans.
  • What Is A Iop Wakfu?

    The Iops are brave, noseless human knights who are able to communicate with their weapons. The knights are known for letting their fist do the talking, which is a hallmark of their bravery. In addition, their attitude hasn’t changed since Ogrest’s Chaos. The Iops are warriors and protectors who are loyal to their god.

    Who Is Nox In Wakfu?

    Wakfu, based on the game of the same name, has a main antagonist named Nox. The Eliacube, a mystical cube of incredible power that appears to speak to him, is the source of Wakfu, which he wants to steal so that he can save his family from extinction.

    How Many Races Are There In Wakfu?

    In the fictional world of Wakfu, a world inhabited by twelve distinct races, Yugo is revealed to be a member of the 13th, the Eliatropes, who can build portals and have dragon partners.

    Is Yugo A God?

    As a result, both of them are direct descendants of Eliatrope and the Great dragon, as well as the rest of their people.

    How Many Eliatropes Are There?

    In ancient Greece, Eliatrope (and the Great Dragon) created the Eliatrope Dofus. In total, there are six.

    Is Dally A Iop God?

    In the Wakfu: The Animated Series, Sir Percedal of Sadlygrove (also known as Tristepin de Percedal in French dub) or Dally is one of the main characters. Iop, or Iop, is a 16-year-old boy who shows that he is stronger than smart.

    Is Goultard A God?

    A background. There is a short film called Goultard le Barbare (Goultard The Barbarian), which explains how Goultard became an avatar of chaos and destruction after being born into the Iop God and a female named Cabotine.

    What Is A Zelor?

    The Xelor are humanoids with robotic features that resemble mummies. The first time I saw a clock, a watch, or a cuckoo, I didn’t know what to do. I don’t think it’s so much a wooden stick stuck in the mud as a simple shadow to tell the time. The tick-tock tactics they use to play with time are very popular with them.

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