Can I Kill The Ammusment Paark Robots Without Concequences?

I don’t think there is anything to it. Doing that earns you a trophy.

Should I Destroy The Tank In The Amusement Park Nier Automata?

In reality, it is not necessary to fight it; the player can simply get on the roller coaster and go to the main boss. Whenever the tank charges at the player, it will always turn to face them before charging, allowing the player to either run away or avoid the charge.

What Happens If I Kill Pascal?

Pascal will return to his former village as a shell of who he once was if he chooses to delete his memories. He offers to sell various Machine parts, including the cores of the child Machines, unaware that he is selling the scrap that once belonged to his fellow villagers in this state.

Are The Robots Bad In Nier Automata?

In NieR: Automata, the Machines, also known as Machine lifeforms, are a race of sentient robots that are the primary antagonists and enemies. An alien invasion of Earth thousands of years ago led to the creation of these creatures. In order to regain Earth for humanity, the Androids are trying to destroy all machines.

How Do I Get The End N Nier Automata?

The machines at Pascal’s village wave a white flag to show that they are only interested in peace when you arrive at the village. By killing every machine in the village that is waving a white flag, you will be able to reach this goal.

How Do You Get Into The Nier Amusement Park?

You will reach the front of the machine amusement park by following the underground path. Once you’ve exited the sewer, you’ll notice the fireworks going off. You can easily enter the Amusement Park. By taking the straight path inside, you will be able to avoid all the robots walking around without being attacked.

What Do I Do With Pascal?

The red sea otter Pascal has made his way to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and he’s bringing back the mermaid furniture. A Scallop will appear when you dive into the ocean and discover it. Your fresh catch will be offered to him in exchange for some wisdom and a reward.

Why Does A2 Cut Her Hair?

A2 saves her life by killing 2B at a crucial juncture in the game’s story, and she cuts her hair as a result. 2B’s death was not revealed during the marketing of the game due to this.

How Do You Delete Pascals Memories?

Pascal will ask you to delete his memories or kill him if you talk to him. Using your pod, you can hack his memories to delete them.

How Do You Get The Best Ending In Nier Automata?

  • The ending “C” and the ending “D” should be completed simultaneously…
  • Pay attention to the credits and watch the video.
  • The Credits Mini-Game is a great way to beat the credits.
  • Automata is the hardest choice in NieR.
  • Do Machines Have Feelings Nier Automata?

    There is no emotion in them. The imitations are just a way to mimic human speech. The ‘human’ is the only empathy worthy of being expressed even by an android, 9S. It is not taken as a sign that these traits are universal that the robots display characteristics we cherish as uniquely human.

    Is It Possible To Get All Endings In Nier Automata?

    Depending on what you do, you can see multiple endings during one playthrough. However, a certain number of endings will require you to complete the game at least one time or discover a previous ending. If you save the game after you beat it for the first time, you can begin a second playthrough.

    What Happens If You Walk Away From Pascal?

    Pascal can also be saved by the player and simply left to his own fate, if he chooses to do so. After that, he does not appear in the game again, with his character profile in the Archives indicating he simply left.

    How Do You Get The Ending Of Nier?

  • The game ends with a conclusion, which will leave you with questions. Simply play through the entire game, starting from scratch, to enjoy the ending.
  • Load up your ‘cleared’ file and save it.
  • The Ending B save should be loaded up when you have cleared it.
  • Ending D:
  • Watch can i kill the ammusment paark robots without concequences Video