Do Really Rad Robots Need Batteriea?

WARNING! HAZARD CHOKING. Three AA/LR6 batteries are required for the TURBO BOT.

What Batteries Does Really Rad Robot Use?

It is necessary to have three AAA batteries.

How Do I Turn On Turbo Bot?

Watch him go! Press the Turbo Boost Button. The Turbo Bot is designed for speed. With a full-featured remote control, plus a “Turbo Boost” switch, you can do it all! Boost your speed by switching to “Turbo Boost” and Turbo Bot will take over.

How Can I Control My Bro?

  • You should try to be nice to your brother…
  • You could tell your brother that if other people do what he does to you, he won’t like it.
  • Show your brother how to act by being the bigger person.
  • Ignore him if all else fails…
  • You should be interested in your brother’s interests as well…
  • Support him by showing him your support.
  • What Batteries Does Turbo Bot Take?

    Three AA/LR6 batteries are required for the TURBO BOT.

    What Do Really Rad Robots Do?

    The Really R has so much potential. The D Robots Remote Controlled MiBro lets you play, prank, spy, serve, and show off your robotic skills. You can prank your friends using the ReallyRAD Remote by using Mibro and adding filters to your voice, so you can sound even scarier or funnier.

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