Does Maddy Die In House Of Robots?

The disease ‘SCID’ (severe combinedimmunodeficiency) is present in Maddie. In other words, she cannot fight off diseases without getting sick. She is loved by all the robots in her house.

Who Is The Main Character In House Of Robots?

‘House of Robots’ is a book series that is narrated by Samuel Hayes-Rodriguez. Sammy lives in a house full of robots with her 5th grade class. His mother created a robot called E that could go to school with him, but he wasn’t fond of it at first.

What Grade Level Is House Of Robots?

Interest Level

Reading Level

Word Count

Grades 4 – 8

Grades 3 – 5


What Is The Plot Of House Of Robots?

In HOUSE OF ROBOTS, kids are introduced to robots through a simple story that capitalizes on their love of them. There are a lot of intriguing characters in Sammy’s family, including his brilliant scientist mom, and the robots who take care of them as well.

What Is The Conflict In House Of Robots?

Book two of the House of Robots series pits ‘bot brains’ against ‘bot brawn’ in a battle of wills. As Maddie’s school proxy, Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez and his ‘bro-bot’ E make new friends every day.

What Age Group Is House Of Robots?

Children aged 9-14 who enjoy reading about robots and Middle School books will enjoy this set.

Do You Have To Read House Of Robots In Order?

The House of Robots (House of Robots book 1) Robot go Wild (House of Robots book 2) Robot Revolution (House of Robots book 3) are the reading orders.

Is House Of Robots A Graphic Novel?

This bestselling graphic novel series is smart, funny, and engagingly illustrated, and it was adapted from the #1 bestseller. This bestselling series will change elementary school forever when Sammy Hayes-Rodriguez brings a robot to class.

Is There A House Of Robots Movie?

Find out what the new series of James Patterson’s is all about with this mega funny little film.

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