Does Scp Secret Laboratory Have Scp 096?

The SCP-096 is one of the SCPs in the SCP: Secret Laboratory, which slowly walks in a docile state until it becomes enraged by being hurt or being stared at by a human, and then begins to walk in a rage.

Where Is Scp-096 Contained?

In addition to spawning in a lockroom, SCP-096 can also be found in the center of several blood splatters around the room. The player can easily avoid SCP-096 in this room since it is easy to walk around its back to reach the next one.

What Scp Created 096?

It is believed that SCP-096 was created as a result of the 1529 incident. According to the theory, 096 was once a mountaineer who attempted to scale Mt. Everest.

Is Scp-096 In Heavy Containment?

As part of the four major areas of the game, the Heavy Containment Zone is home to the Alpha Warhead and its activation switch, as well as the Secret Laboratory, which serves as the area where SCP-106, SCP-096, and SCP-079 will spawn.

How Is 096 Contained?

The containment of a situation. Players must be members of the Rapid Response Team or Mobile Task Force in order to contain SCP-096, as without SCRAMBLE Goggles, SCP-096 will become rage-filled.

Where Was Scp-096 Found?

A mountain in an unknown place was the first place where SCP-096 was discovered by the SCP Foundation. A team of retrieval specialists from the Foundation was sent to capture the creature, Zulu-9 A.

How Many Health Does Scp-096 Have?


Hume Shield



Who Wrote Scp-096?








Dr Dan

Can Scp-096 Go Through Walls?

In the past, it was necessary to look at SCP-096 for a certain amount of time before becoming enraged. A target could not be seen through a wall because it did not have the ability to do so. One of the shorter SCPs, it had to break open doors that were closed.

How Do I Get Out Of Heavy Containment?

The gas canister inside the containment chamber of SCP-008 must be closed before it can be recontained in order to reach the Heavy Containment checkpoint. As soon as the lockdown is lifted, access to the Entrance Zone will be granted.

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