FaceTime was presented by Apple in 2010 and has picked up prevalence since. With more items, for example, Macintoshes, iPad 2 and iPod touch being upheld, the video-call programming has turned out to be more adaptable. There are a few restrictions, however. However, you can still try out the policy of download FaceTime for Windows PC to get in something which will be good for the people. Well, the usage of FaceTime can be altered with as many as five alternatives, and they are.


Skype permits video calls, as well as content informing and standard telephone calls as well. You’ll need to agree to a pay-as-you-go alternative when setting calls to landlines; however, the administration can be utilized to call anybody utilizing the Skype programming. Calls can be set from an iPhone, Android, PC, or Macintosh over your current Wi-Fi or 3G association. With Microsoft buying Skype as of late, we may see it on our Xboxes soon as well.

Tango Video Calls

This free application permits you to place video brings over Wi-Fi or 3G systems. The well-known application is exceptionally evaluated and easy to utilize. Once introduced, it naturally looks at your location book and tells you which companions utilize the administration. You’ll be up and running in seconds.


Upstream is an alternate sort of video programming; it’s not intended for an eye-to-eye experience. As the name suggests, you can stream video and permit clients to watch along. You likewise have the choice of recording the stream to later post it on the web. You can share your streams on Facebook and Twitter.

OoVoo Video Chat

This is another free application that permits you to make video rings; however, now with six individuals all the while. You can utilize the application on the iPad also. You additionally have the choice of calling landlines from the application for a low rate.


Fring is completely free on the Application Store and shares a specific component from ooVoo Video Visit; it bolsters four-way video calling over different stages! How cool is that? Underpins the iPad locally; joining is speedy and simple. You’ll be having a gathering talk with your mates in a matter of couple of minutes.

Yahoo! Messenger

With video calling added to the program a while back, Yahoo! Messenger is an application that needed to make it to this rundown. The main drawback of said application is; you must have a Yahoo! email account keeping in mind the end goal to utilize it. Free on the Application Store and backs the iPhone and iPad both locally.

Want to have Facetime for PC? Here’s how

A few years ago, the Facetime service was launched as a competitor in the video calling product. With an amazingly easy user interface and intuitive design, Facetime gained popularity in no time. Connecting iOS devices, Facetime provided a smooth video calling feature, easily accessible, and usable to all. However, like any Apple service, Facetime is restricted to iOS. It works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. There is, however, work around techniques to use Facetime for PC. Following the steps below, you might just be able to use this sleek service over your computer. Find out how.

Before we begin

The Facetime app needs a few requirements for its execution. While the app does not depend much on the processor and Ram abilities, it does have some additional requirements. Before we install and start using Facetime for PC, we need to check these system requirements.

  • Your computer needs to have access to Web camera to stream the video.
  • Access to a microphone.
  • A stable internet connection with considerable transfer speed to ensure error-free transmission and receiving of the video.
  • A registered Apple account and Apple ID associated with it.

To begin using Facetime for PC, consider the type of machine you are using, and follow the steps accordingly.

Facetime for Mac

  1. Using Facetime on Mac is fairly easy, for Apple has introduced Facetime support for Mac.
  2. In the higher versions of OS X (high sierra onwards), you get Facetime pre-installed on Mac.
  3. Open the Facetime app from the App preferences, or search on your PC.
  4. You will be asked to enter your Apple credentials. Enter your Apple ID and Password and hit ‘sign in.’
  5. You will be logged in to the app.
  6. To call someone on Facetime, you just have to search the person via his name or email address.
  7. Click on the camera icon to initiate the call with the person.
  8. In the ‘Preferences’ section, you get to modify the settings like Email address and Phone number, as per your requirement.
  9. You can personalize Facetime for Mac by adding your custom ringtone and setting your location through the ‘Preferences’ tab.

Facetime for Windows PC

Facetime is primarily built for iOS. It is not available on Google play store or Windows store, as it does not run on these systems. Hence, there is not an official Facetime app available for PC. The only problem is the file format of the app, which is made for iOS, does not suit Windows. Here are some alternatives to cope up with the situation.

  1. There are Facetime APKs available on the internet. Depending on the version of Windows you are using, download the Facetime APK for that version.
  2. However, it is an alternatively formatted Facetime app for android devices. We will use this APK to run Facetime for PC.
  3. To run this android app, get an android emulator called ‘Bluestacks.’ Download the setup and install it on your PC.
  4. Both these application files are free to download, as is the original Facetime app for iOS.
  5.  Run the Bluestacks app, and find Facetime apk in it.
  6. Once you install the app, you can launch Facetime via bluestacks.
  7. Launch the app, and you will get the standard Facetime interface.
  8. Register yourself and begin using Facetime for PC.

Facetime is one of the best video calling app in the market today. It’s very versatile and widely used. The quality of video streaming is exceptionally smooth, and the interface is highly intuitive. It supports conference calls with almost ten people on the same call. But again, like most of the Apple services, Facetime is bound to iOS.

While FaceTime conveyed up close and personal video calls into standard status, it’s not your just choice. Please tell us what video centered applications you use in the remark area of our Facebook and Google+ pages.