How Can Woo Woo Be Pedaled As Science?

In its official definition, Woo-Woo refers to ideas considered irrational or based on extremely flimsy evidence, or to those that appeal to supernatural forces.

Why Woo-woo Works?

David R. writes a dynamic and thought-provoking book about Woo-Woo. In this PhD, Hamilton explores the true nature of consciousness and presents cutting-edge research on energy healing, crystals, meditation, and more.

Why Does Woo-woo Work On Audible?

Listening Length

8 hours and 11 minutes


David R. Hamilton PhD Release Date

September 21, 2021


Hay House

What Is Woo Medicine?

The medicine of death. Woo (sometimes called woo-woo) This is the term scientists and clinicians use to describe a wide range of pseudoscience and quack medicine practices based on irrational beliefs.

Is Psychology A Pseudoscience?

Understanding human behavior through psychology is based on scientific principles. In pseudoscience, beliefs and activities are claimed to be scientific, but do not have any of the three characteristics of science as they are.

Why Does Whoo Work?

The science behind some of these holistic therapies has been around for millennia – but now we have scientific evidence that they can also help with physical, emotional, and energetic healing. The woo-woo really works, so it’s time to acknowledge it.