Modern video games which we all love and binge play, use physics to achieve realistic and believable movements and special effects. Every inch from the grass your player’s walk-on in Fifa, to the flying birds in the sky in GTA and even the movement of enemy spy planes, are all made true by the use of fundamental principles of dynamics which we can thank science for!

Physics engines allow giving an approximate simulation of certain physical systems that are used in computer graphics, video games, and CGI- most importantly in video games. It is also a broader understanding of describing any software system that can be used to simulate physical phenomena such as supercomputers. There are two classes of physics engines: real-time and high precision, which both differ in what they are capable of doing.


These physics engines require more processing power to calculate very specific and detailed physics. These physics engines tend to be used by scientists and computer-animated movies to make the movies seem that even more interesting and detailed. It is important that there is an effective use of high-precision physics engines as it gives movies an extra edge and definition to the end product.


These physics engines- which are predominantly used in video games and various other online computing services, tend to use simplified calculations and a decreased accuracy to process the information in time for the game to respond accordingly. Essentially, real-time is used for games that are much more simple and easy to account for, not breaking down into the detail of the processing and getting down to the nitty-gritty.



We all know that the speed of the processors can affect the gameplay of any video game drastically- if we have a greater processor when playing games such as call of duty, Apex Legends, or even rocket league, will give us that extra upper hand which will definitely always come in handy! Especially in rocket league, which is essentially football for cars (an awesome idea for a game), the extra bonus of having a greater speed processor can possess a majorly positive outcome. If that isn’t the case and you keep losing at rocket league, we all know that rocket league boosting is something many people do and you might need to get involved in that so you’re able to climb to the rocket league top!

Rocket league is able to use physics engines effectively, for example, the use of real-time physics needs to be implemented into the rise and fall of the ball whilst it is being attacked by the cars to score a goal in the game. The simulation is reared towards providing an experience that goes against gravity, rather than a real simulation which may be more perceptually correct. However, there are other game engines that use physics in the form of combat and puzzles which require more accurate physics and detail, which may be more time-consuming and difficult to get by.