How Do Supplier Robots Work In Factorio?

bots search for storage chests that already store the same type of items, then select one that has its own filter. In the event that they cannot find that, they choose the first storage chest with a free slot from the list, which is sorted by the order in which they were built.

How Do Construction Robots Work Factorio?

A construction robot can repair damaged entities using repair packs, among other tasks. In the event of destruction, they are replaced by entities stored in provider chests or storage chests. Depending on the cargo size, they can carry and build up to four tiles at once.

How Do Roboports Work Factorio?

All construction robots and logistic robots are resting in the roboport. logistic robots can interact with logistic network entities, such as storage chests and requester chests, by emitting 50 tiles per square meter.

How Do Logistics Robots Work In Factorio?

In the logistic network, the robots transport items between the chests as a power-hungry alternative to manually moving items, or by belting or railwaying them. The robots are based on the type and configuration of the chests and area of the logistic network. In contrast, robots are much more mobile, since they can fly over obstacles in a beeline.

How Do Construction Bots Work Factorio?

A construction robot will take most of the player’s inventory, as well as the hotbar, when it is used. When construction robots return to their roboport to charge, they will check if their target is still connected to the network.

How Do Provider Chests Work Factorio?

In the logistic network, a passive provider chest is a storage item. In this box, a Logistic robot will pick up items to move to the player or requester chests, but only in this direction. Logistics robots pick up their cargo from passive provider chests at the lowest priority.

How Do You Catch The Robots In Factorio?

Make many requester chests in the unused area with large requests of what you have stockpiled (e.g. A stone or coal you mined before building on top of the deposit is a stone or coal you mined before building on top of the deposit). Logistic robots will do this job, and then park themselves in roboports near you.

How Do You Use Personal Construction Robots In Factorio?

Personal roboports allow players to act as mobile roboports when they are equipped with their equipped armor or spidertrons. In the shortcut bar, you can toggle it on or off. Construction robots can deploy only when the roboport’s internal energy buffer is at 20%.

Can You Stack Personal Roboports?

Stack size


Placed in

Robot limit


Charging stations


Energy capacity

35 MJ (electric)

How Many Robots Can A Roboport Hold?

In other words, roboport has seven robot slots. Logistic robots are only used for this purpose, and they need rest as well.

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