How Do You Spell Science In French?

The French translation of science is “class, teacher, science”. The degree, graduate, or student in the field of science. The [lab] scientifique is a research institution. Museum of science. The scientific method of study.

How Do You Spell Math In French?

Mathématiques is the French word for math, so if you’re wondering, it’s a good place to start.

What Is The Subject Science In French?

tronc commun

tʁõ kɔmæ̃

core subjects







enseignement scientifique

ɑ̃sɛnjmɑ̃ sjɑ̃tifik

general science, =dual-award science



PE, sport and physical education

How Do You Say Science In Spanish Slang?

There is a difference between the two, so either la ciencia or las ciencias is the correct word. I am idahorsegirl and this is what I posted.

What Is History French?

The following is a list of the top ten words in the English language. The past events of a country, town, or person. The most dramatic moment in Polish history is the one that defines the history of polonaise.

What Is The Word Spell In French?

The word épeler means “to use.”. The word is spelled with an envotement, an épeler.

How Do You Say Bachelor Of Science In French?

The bachelor of science degree is a degree in science. Fr. The science of Bachel*re is in the sciences. Fr.

How Do You Say Math In Different Languages?

  • /m*m*t*ks/ is the American English language for mathematics.
  • The Arabic word for “is” is “is”.
  • The Portuguese word matem*tica is derived from the Latin word matem*.
  • The Chinese language is: *.
  • Matmatika is a Croatian word.
  • Matmatika is a Czech word.
  • Matmatik is a Danish word.
  • Wiskunde is a Dutch word.
  • What Is Science Called In French?




    • science

    → sciences naturelles


    • science

    → science


    • science

    → -logie

    -kunde Weltkrieg, manche sind aber moderner als die griechisch-neulateinischen Ausdrücke (z. B. Amphibien- und Reptilienkunde statt Herpetologie).

    What Are Subjects In French?

    In a clause or sentence, the subject is the noun or pronoun that acts as the verb’s action. The subject is crucial to recognize because French verbs are conjugated according to the number, person, and gender of the subject noun or the subject pronoun, so it is essential to recognize it. The honor of being knighted is bestowed upon David. The car is being washed by David.

    What Are Some School Subjects In French?

  • The French word le franais (m) means French.
  • The English word l’anglais (m) is translated as English.
  • The science of les sciences (f) is the science of science.
  • Mathematics/maths is the combination of mathématiques and mathématiques.
  • Music is the result of the musique (f).
  • Physical education is defined as the study of physiques.
  • The history of the world is expressed in l’histoire (f).
  • The geography is the géographie (f) and the geography is the géographie (g).
  • What Is Another Word For Science In Spanish?

    The Spanish Thesaurus – SpanishDict.

    What Does Bae Mean In Spanish?

    The volume is up. The phrase “before anyone else'” is a colloquial expression. Bebe *interj. } bae.

    What Does Cute Mean In Spanish Slang?

    votes. In Peru, “lindo/a” or “bonito/a” is the correct way to describe “cute”. The word “cute” is usually translated as “good looking”.

    How Do You Say History In French?

    The history of France, the history of the United States, and the history of the United Kingdom.

    What Is France Known For History?

    France, a large European nation with a diverse population, has a rich and fascinating history, including Napoleon Bonaparte, Louis XIV, and Marie Antoinette, as well as the French Revolution, which shook the world.

    Where Did French Originate From?

    French History – Origins The French language has a rich history. The French language is an evolution of Gallo-Romance dialects, which began in Gaul.

    When Did France Begin?

    France / Founded on September 22, 1792 d

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