If you have no knowledge of power tools then it can seem overwhelming trying to figure out what they’re all used for and how to use them. There are many reasons to learn about power tools, for example, you may be wanting to purchase one as a gift, this can be difficult when you have limited basic knowledge. You may also want to get into doing light DIY yourself and not have a clue where to start or you may just be intrigued by how power tools work as their such great pieces of tech. We’ve found the most popular power tools there are and we’ve figured out how it is that they work, keep reading if you want to know too. 


Power Drill

This is probably the most recognizable power tool, it is used for drilling holes into various surfaces, like metal, plastic, wood, or stone. These different surfaces will have slightly different requirements and need to use different types of drills. How these great tools work is that the drill has a clamp at the end of it which keeps whatever you’re trying to drill in the correct place, this is called a chuck. If you need to loosen or tighten this there is something that comes with your drill called a chuck key which will allow you to do this. The drill then has a motor inside which turns and forces the drill to make a hole in the material. 



 For many tasks that require sanding, it will be fine to just use sanding blocks or extra fine sandpaperto smooth surfaces but in some situations, you will need to use a much more powerful electric sander, this is usually for things like repairing furniture. Electrical sanders work in a similar way to normal sanding blocks but take the work out for you. With a sanding block you rub a surface to smooth it, electrical sanders do this with much more force and in a variety of patterns so that the results are much better. 



This is another popular power tool as it is super handy to have and use, they can be used on all sorts of materials including wood, metal, and plastic. The blades that come with a jigsaw tend to be very thin which allows them to cut out more difficult shapes like circles. The jigsaw is simple, the blade is simply attached to the device and you can position it wherever you need to make a cut. They also tend to have variable speeds which if you’re nervous you should use the lower speed to avoid mistakes. Whilst this is a great tool it isn’t great for any thicker materials as the blade is so thin it often will bend rather than cutting. 


Angle Grinder

Angle grinders have 2 purposes they can cut the thicker materials that a jigsaw is not strong enough to and they can also grind materials like metal and tiles. The main part of this tool is the disk, this disk is what performs the cuts when it is spun at a high enough speed, there is an engine inside the handle of the tool that causes the disk to spin, and usually, you can choose out of several speeds. These disks come in different materials; the standard material is a metal disk but if you’re trying to cut tougher materials like a stone then you may need to use a diamond disk. They also come in a variety of sizes to suit any need, the most commonly used size is disks with a 4” diameter.