How Long Can A Molly Go Without Food?

The majority of healthy aquarium fish can be kept without eating for up to three days. In general, it is not recommended to go more than a day or two without feeding, unless it is absolutely necessary.

Can I Leave My Fish For 3 Days Without Food?

It is okay to feed cold water fish for one week without food, but tropical fish need to be fed more often. Make sure that you leave specific instructions in place for anyone who asks to take your fish, so that they do not over feed it.

How Long Can Mollies Survive Out Of Water?

If you don’t remove them until the new water is ready to be transferred, they will suffocate and die quickly (after three to four minutes without gill movement).

How Often Should Molly Fry Be Fed?

Make sure you feed your animals regularly. You can feed your fry small amounts of food several times a day, about a pinch at a time. You can easily feed the fry right before or after eating it. The tank should be cleaned of any uneaten food.

Do Mollies Die Easily?

The first thing to know is that mollies are not “hardy,” and almost always die when they are selected. In order to introduce Molly, the tank must be well established before it can be used.

How Long Do Mollies Last For?

It is now clear that mollies can live up to five years if they are raised in a good environment. The water is perfect for them, so they might live longer in the wild.

Can I Leave My Fish Without Food For A Week?

It is possible for healthy adult fish to go without feeding for up to two weeks. Young fish, however, do not have the fat stores of adult fish, and they cannot go without eating for a long time. Over the long holiday weekend, you can leave your fish without food safely, regardless of whether you regularly skip feedings.

How Long Can You Leave Fish Without Feeding Them?

Depending on the type of fish you have, you may need to feed it more often than usual. Cold water fish will be fine for a week without food, but tropical fish need to be fed more frequently. If you’re on vacation, you have a few options for feeding your fish.

What Happens If You Don’t Feed A Fish For A Week?

Most of the time, fish can be eaten without a problem for a week or two. The fish in well-established tanks can last even longer since they eat planaria and other bugs, live plants in planted tanks, and almost any fish will try algae if it is the only thing available.

How Do I Take Care Of My Fish When I Go On Vacation?

  • You need a fish sitter, not a baby sitter. Your friend or neighbor can do the job.
  • Automatic fish food feeders – Feed your fish electronically.
  • Food that feeds your fish – Slow-release fish food.
  • How Long Can You Leave Fish Without Feeding?

    Aquarium fish can live without food for up to a week without eating any. It is possible for some fish species to live without eating for up to two weeks. It is not uncommon for adult fish to skip a few meals occasionally, whether they are in nature or in an aquarium.

    What Happens If You Don’t Feed Your Fish For Three Days?

    A cold blooded fish like swordfish can go weeks without food, as well as other cold blooded fish. The effects of three days are not worth the effort. If you go on vacation and leave the fish without food, you are actually safer than if you use dissolving food blocks that pollute the water or trust someone who doesn’t know how to feed them.

    Can I Leave My Fish For A Few Days?

    Almost all tropical fish commonly kept in the home aquarium can be kept without being fed for at least a few days. It is possible that you will need to provide some food for the fish if you intend to be gone for more than a few days in an aquarium with very young or very small fish.

    How Many Days Molly Fish Survive Without Food?

    Type of fish:

    Period it can safely live with no food:


    up to 14 days


    up to 10 days


    between 10 and 14 days


    up to 2 weeks

    How Long Do Molly Fish Survive?

    Molly fish usually last between three and five years on average. It is true that they are not the longest-lived freshwater species, but there is some wiggle room depending on what species you get. In addition to the quality of care you provide, their lifespan will be significantly shortened.

    How Often Do I Feed Molly Fry?

    Feeding the fry a quality food, such as baby brine shrimp, baby fish food, or flake food ground into a fine powder, is essential. Several times a day, feed the fry small amounts. Make sure you regularly change the water to maintain good water quality.

    Can You Overfeed Molly Fry?

    The fries can still be overfed just like any other fish. If you are feeding the fries, make sure you consider how big they are and how big their mouths are. It is best to ground the flakes into a powder before feeding them to them since this will prevent them from getting dehydrated.

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