How Long Is The Act Science Test?

There are 40 questions to be answered in 35 minutes on an actual ACT Science Test. Make sure you read the passage carefully. Answering the question should be based on the scientific information in the passage.

How Long Should Each Science Passage Take Act?

Practice your timed passages: Practice your timed passages You will only have about 5 minutes per passage, so you may want to start by doing 5 passages, and then allot 7 minutes per passage. You can then work your way up to six and then seven passages if you can confidently do five with reasonable accuracy.

How Many Minutes Are In The Science Act?


# of questions


45 min

75 questions


60 min

60 questions


35 min

40 questions


35 minutes

40 questions

Is Act Science Easy?

There are many obstacles to getting a 36 ACT Science score. There will be no perfection in this project. You will, however, be able to do it if you put in the work and follow my strategies. I’ve consistently scored 36 on my real ACTs, and I know what it takes to get there.

How Many Passages Are In The Science Act?

In addition to six or seven short passages, the ACT Science Test includes graphics. You can use these passages to plan your attack in three main categories.

How Long Is The Science Act Test?

In 35 minutes, you can answer 40 questions from ACT Science.

How Long Is Each Passage On The Science Act?

Make sure you stay on track by following a general rule of five minutes per passage or six minutes per passage depending on how many you have and check in after each passage. The length of a passage is okay if it takes seven minutes.

How Do I Make My Science Act Faster?

  • You should not stop and ask questions.
  • It is possible to do difficult Dueling Scientist passages.
  • Be sure to do your favorite topics first…
  • You should move on from a passage if it seems confusing.
  • Table-reading questions should be prioritized over conceptual ones…
  • Practice timed practice tests.
  • How Long Should An Act Passage Take?

    There will be 35 minutes for reading three single passages and one pair of passages on the test. There are 10 questions per passage, which is between 800 and 1000 words long. Reading and answering questions takes an average of less than nine minutes per passage.

    How Long Should You Spend On Each Passage?

    On average, you will need to spend 13 minutes per passage. It will take about five minutes to read through an SAT passage. The questions will likely take longer to answer if you read longer than 5 minutes. It is likely that you will miss important information if you read for less than five minutes.

    How Many Minutes Is A Science Act?

    There are 40 questions in the ACT Science section that must be answered in 35 minutes or less. In this example, students should spend about a minute each on each question.

    How Many Minutes Is Each Question On The Act?

    Subject Area

    Approximate Time Per Question


    1 minute


    52 seconds


    52 seconds

    Do I Need To Know Science For Act?

    The truth is, you do not need zero science knowledge to answer any ACT Science questions. In general, you cannot answer four questions on a test without previous knowledge of the subject.

    What Level Of Science Is On The Act?

    In addition to biology, chemistry, Earth/space science, and physics, ACT’s science section includes content in biology, chemistry, and Earth/space science. Before taking the ACT, students should be familiar with each of these areas. Here are three tips on how to manage your time while taking the ACT science test.

    Which Is The Most Common Type Of Passage In The Act Science Section?

    Summary passages are the most common type of passage on the ACT science section, appearing three times per exam, and can be identified by the italicized titles “study” or “experiment” above paragraphs (see below for an example).

    Which Act Science Passage Has The Most Questions?

    Passage Type

    Number on a typical ACT Test

    Data Representation


    Research Summaries


    Conflicting Viewpoints


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