How Many Passages Are In The Science Act?

In addition to six or seven short passages, the ACT Science Test includes graphics. You can use these passages to plan your attack in three main categories.

What Are The Passages In The Science Act?

The ACT Science passages can be divided into three categories: Research Summary, Data Representation, and Conflicting Views. Each of the six passages consists of three Research Summary passages, two Data Representation passages, and one Conflicting Viewpoint passage.

What Are The 3 Types Of Science Passages?

Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Views are the three types of passages on the ACT Science test.

How Long Is The Science Act?


# of questions


35 min

40 questions


35 minutes

40 questions

Writing (Optional)

40 minutes

1 essay


175 minutes (215 minutes with Writing)

215 questions + 1 Essay

How Many Data Representation Passages Will There Be In The Science Section?

There will be seven passages and 40 questions in the ACT Science test. Data Representation, Research Summaries, and Conflicting Views are the three main categories of the passages.

Which Is The Most Common Type Of Passage In The Act Science Section?

Summary passages are the most common type of passage on the ACT science section, appearing three times per exam, and can be identified by the italicized titles “study” or “experiment” above paragraphs (see below for an example).

Which Act Science Passage Has The Most Questions?

Passage Type

Number on a typical ACT Test

Data Representation


Research Summaries


Conflicting Viewpoints


What Is The Long Act?

ACT Test Section


Time Length (Exam Duration)

10 Minutes

Start Time

10:15 AM

End Time

10:25 AM

Is The Science Act Hard?

It’s not as difficult as you think (the ACT Science Test is basically an open book test, just like the Reading Test). Discipline and hard work can still help you score better on science tests even if you do not have a great grasp of the subject.

How Can I Get Faster On The Science Act?

  • You should not stop and ask questions.
  • It is possible to do difficult Dueling Scientist passages.
  • Be sure to do your favorite topics first…
  • You should move on from a passage if it seems confusing.
  • Table-reading questions should be prioritized over conceptual ones…
  • Practice timed practice tests.
  • What Is A Data Representation Passage?

    Data Representation Passages is the first type of passage. The passages in these journals and texts are similar to those in science journals. You will be presented with a short paragraph or two, as well as one to four visual representations of the data (such as graphs, tables, and/or scatterplots).

    What Is Data Representation In Science?

    A scientific visualization of the phenomenon under study usually depicts measurements at a discrete point in space to model it. It is possible to view these as representational samples of the underlying mathematical function that governs that phenomenon.

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