How Many Robots Until Bronze Talent Badge Sims 2?

Each of these can be earned by performing the related activities (i.e. A pond or a growing plant are examples of growing plants. There is a gold talent badge for all PlantSims in Gardening.

How To Get Robot Sims 2?

The Sims 2: Open for Business allows Sims to earn talent points by building robots using the Robot Crafting Station badge. The Servo, an intelligent and advanced robot that can be used for household chores, can be built by Sims at Gold level.

How Do You Become A Manager In Sims 2?

By selecting a business owner, clicking on the employee, and selecting management/promotion to manager, you can promote the business. In FreeTime, playable employees who receive a hobby chance card outcome that results in a promotion will be promoted to manager even if they do not have five talent points at the time.

How Do You Get Seeds In Sims 2?

In order to plant seeds in a garden plot (the Insta-Plot Victory Garden can be found in the Plant Tool section of Build Mode for *65), a player must purchase at least one plot. A Sim needs to send a seed rack to a community lot with a seed rack, and that Sim will then be able to buy seeds from that lot.

Where Can You Fish In Sims 2?

A pond can be built on both community and residential lots (using the water tool in build mode) and can be deep enough to fish in [n 1]. Sim who caught the fish is given a list of the fish, and they can be used in a variety of ways.

How Do You Get A Servo On Sims 2?

By using testingcheatsenabled and Shift+Left Clicking on any Sim, then clicking “Spawn” and then “New Servo”, you can spawn a Servo.

How Do You Get A Sim Bot?

After reaching level 10 and completing an opportunity chain, you can build a SimBot using the inventing skill. A small neighborhood in the base is home to this bird. A miner can be used to mine this type of rock. Sim must have a level 7 of gardening skill in order to plant this fruit.

Can Servos Have Babies?

It is possible to WooHoo with Sims, but not to Try for Baby with Servo. Servo’s mechanical makeup prevents her from producing biological children; however, she can adopt human children via the computer and raise them as her own children.

Can Simbots Have Babies?

SimBots can also be WooHoo, but they cannot have children while interacting with Sims or other SimBots. SimBots can be reproduced by being invented, but they must go through an extended process in order to do so. Inventing also gives them a special moodlet for SimBot only.

Can I Hire My Own Sims?

This is an introduction. Unfortunately, it is not possible to hire your own Sims as employees in Dine Out, but mcrudd at the official Sims forum has found a way to do so. If you play any Sims, they will immediately lose their jobs and you will need to rehire them.