How Much Do Material Science Engineers Make?

May 2020 was the median annual wage for materials engineers, which was $95,640. In an occupation, the median wage is the wage at which half of the workers earn more or less than that amount. Those earning less than $57,970 earned less than 10 percent, and those earning more than $154,340 earned more than 10 percent.

Is Material Science Engineering A Good Career?

A qualification in any of these subjects is also a good way to find employment since materials science engineers work with a variety of materials, including glass, ceramics, rubber, plastics, chemicals, polymers, minerals, and even textiles.

How Much Money Do Material Scientists Make?




Hourly Wage

$ 26.35

$ 79.47

Annual Wage (2)

$ 54,810

$ 165,290

Which Engineering Has Highest Salary In World?

  • The average salary for petroleum engineers is $94,271 per year in the United States…
  • An electrical engineer earns an average salary of $88,420 per year in the United States…
  • An average salary of $86,086 is paid to a computer engineer in the United States.
  • Engineer in the field of aviation.
  • Engineering in chemical processes.
  • Engineer who works in the materials field.
  • Engineer in the field of biomedicine…
  • Engineer who specializes in nuclear energy.
  • What Is The Average Salary Of A Material Engineer?

    In India, the highest monthly salary for a Materials Engineer is *88,137. In India, the lowest salary for a Materials Engineer is *12,748 per month.

    Is Materials Science A Good Career?

    All industries require the use of newer, improved materials. Therefore, a material science engineer can find employment in many different fields after graduation. The most important industries for material science engineers are aerospace, power, and telecommunications.

    Is Material Science And Engineering A Good Degree?

    You can get a job as a material science engineer by obtaining a degree in material engineering, technology, or science. Applied chemistry is one of the subjects that can be obtained with a graduate degree through the flexibility of employment. Engineering and mineral science in mining.

    Are Material Science Engineers In Demand?

    In the next few years, the employment of materials engineers is expected to grow 8 percent, about as fast as the average for all occupations. Over the next decade, there are expected to be approximately 1,800 openings for materials engineers.

    Does Material Engineering Have A Future?

    In the next ten years, materials engineers’ employment is expected to grow by 2 percent, slower than the average for all occupations. As companies look for new uses for materials technology in consumer products, industrial processes, and medicine, materials engineers will increasingly be needed.

    Does Materials Science Pay Well?

    The average salary for Materials Scientists in America is $81,483 per year or $39 per hour. Over $111,000 is the average income of the top 10 percent, while under $59,000 is the average income of the bottom 10 percent.

    What Scientist Gets Paid The Most Money?

  • I am a natural sciences manager with a salary of $145K…
  • APhysicist has a salary of $131K…
  • A pharmacist makes $126K per year.
  • The cost of the Astronomer is $122K…
  • I am a chemical engineer with a salary of $117K…
  • A materials scientist earns $100K a year…
  • A physician’s salary ranges from $100K to $200K (median)…
  • A medical research scientist earns $99K annually.
  • Do Scientists Make A Lot Of Money?

    Scientists can earn a lot of money depending on their specialization. A six-figure salary was earned by physicists, computer scientists, and astronomers.

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