How Much Does A Laboratory Produce In A Year?

U.S. laboratory researchers earn an average salary of $46,606. Laboratory researchers earn an average hourly wage of $22. In the entry-level laboratory researcher field, the average salary is $29,000 per year.

How Much Do Medical Laboratory Scientists Make Yearly?

Job Title


Healthscope Medical Laboratory Scientist salaries – 2 salaries reported


Waitemata District Health Board Medical Laboratory Scientist salaries – 1 salaries reported


How Much Money Do Scientists Make Per Year?

What is the salary of a scientist s a Scientist make in the United States? According to PayScale, the average salary for a Scientist in the United States is $173,656 as of October 29, 2021. In general, the salary range for our most popular Scientist positions (listed below) is between $59,050 and $288,261 per year.

Do Medical Laboratory Scientists Get Paid Well?

According to ZipRecruiter, Medical Lab Scientist salaries range from $49,000 to $95,000 (25th to 75th percentiles) with the 90th percentile earning $111,500 annually.

Where Do Medical Laboratory Scientists Make The Most Money?

  • A monthly salary of $8,143 is reported in San Diego, CA. 55 salaries were reported.
  • A monthly salary of $7,820 is reported in Los Angeles, CA. 51 salaries were reported.
  • A monthly salary of $6,068 is reported in Valencia, CA. 11 salaries were reported.
  • The cost of living in Seattle, WA is $5,841 per month…
  • The monthly rent in Phoenix, AZ is $5,276…
  • You can also show nearby cities.
  • What Is The Highest Paying Lab Job?

    Job Title

    Annual Salary

    Weekly Pay

    Clinical Scientist



    Travel Clinical Laboratory Scientist



    Senior Scientist Microbiology



    CLS Clinical Lab Scientist



    Do Researchers Get Paid Well?

    Scientists can earn a lot of money depending on their specialization. A six-figure salary was earned by physicists, computer scientists, and astronomers.

    How Much Does Someone Who Works In A Lab Make?

    According to Payscale, Clinical Laboratory Technicians earned a median salary of $53,120 in 2019. Those who earned the most money that year made $68,100, while those who earned the least made $39,030.

    Who Is The Highest Paid Scientist?

  • The number one physicist in the world. Median salary: $129,850. Education: doctorate.
  • The second highest paid computer scientist is a computer research scientist with a median salary of $126,830…
  • The third highest paying political scientist is $125,350.
  • The median salary for an astronomer is $119,730.
  • The median salary for a biophysicist or biochemist is $94,270.
  • The median salary for a geoscientist is $93,580.
  • What Jobs Pay More Than 250k A Year?

  • Anesthesiologist salaries in the United States average $358,926 annually.
  • A cardiologist is someone who specializes in medicine.
  • A periodist.
  • I am a dentist. I work in the dental field…
  • A physician is a person who provides medical care…
  • Nurse Anesthetist certified by the American Nurses Association.
  • Can Scientists Make Millions?

    It is not possible for a researcher to make millions unless they discover a totally new product, get it patented, and start a company to market it. However, this is unlikely to happen since all the results of the research are usually owned by the company or university that funded it.

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