How Much Is Parking At Science Center?

The Science Center has a lot where I should park. The Oakland Building at 5050 Oakland Avenue is open from Labor Day to Memorial Day, from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and Science Center members can park for free during those times.

Where Can I Park For Free In St Louis Science Center?

Forest Park at the Planetarium is located at Clayton Ave and Faulkner Drive, and the lot is free.

Does Carnegie Science Center Have Parking?

Yes. The cost of parking a personal vehicle is $5. If you are coming by personal vehicle, you should park in the Carnegie Science Center parking lot and then walk to the Group Services area.

Do You Have To Wear A Mask At The Saint Louis Science Center?

Masks must be worn by all children and adults, except in designated dining areas when eating.

Do You Have To Make A Reservation For The Science Center St Louis?

Our reservation phone line is open to guests who wish to reserve tickets for free. 289 4424 There is a possibility of an on-site reservation.

Is The St Louis Science Center Good For Adults?

St Louis offers another great place for free, and it’s right here. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this drink. There are many things you can learn or refresh your knowledge in a practical way.

How Much Is Parking At The St Louis Zoo?





$10 per vehicle**

Oversized Vehicles under 24 feet***

$20 per vehicle**

Limited; South Lot Only

Do You Have To Wear Masks At Carnegie Science Center?

The nose and mouth of visitors 2 years and older must be covered with a mask or other close fitting face covering. Masks will also be worn by museum staff and volunteers.

How Long Does It Take To Go Through Carnegie Science Center?

In a crowded Science Center, one moves at a faster pace if they are trying to see as many exhibits as possible. It would take you about 3-4 hours to complete the trip.

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