How To Add Friends In War Robots Pc?

In the Game Center, add other pilots to your War Robot friends list. You will see your Game Center friends on the left side of the screen, who have installed Walking War Robots, when you click “Create Platoon.” (2)Invite your friends to join your Platoon by clicking “Invite.”.

How Do You Add Friends On War Robots?

  • To access the Shield app, tap the Shield icon in the upper right corner.
  • To create a custom game, click on ‘Create a custom game’.
  • Friends are invited to play;…
  • After the invited players are accepted, their status will be changed to ‘Ready’.
  • To start a fight, a squad leader taps ‘Fight’.
  • Can You Friend In War Robots?

    Three of the most recent battles have allowed you to invite your clan members, friends, or other Pilots.

    Can War Robots Be Played On Pc?

    PC users can play War Robots Multiplayer Battles. PIXONIC has developed War Robots, an action game. You can play this android game on your PC or Mac using BlueStacks app player, which is the best PC platform (emulator) to play this game.

    Is There Multiplayer In War Robots?

    You can play multiplayer games with your friends. Get together with others. Find trusty partners (and friends) in a powerful clan. You can even start your own!! Don’t worry about others. Battle on your own.

    How Do You Add Friends On War Robots Pc?

  • You can add other pilots to your Game Center friends list.
  • Click “Create Platoon” (1) in the game to create a platoon.
  • 2) Your Game Center friends, who have installed Walking War Robots, are on the left.
  • Your Platoon will be strengthened if your friends join.
  • How Do I Join A Clan In War Robots?

  • The clan icon can be found on the main screen; Tap it.
  • You will need to pay 1500 Au to create a clan.
  • You will need to enter the name of your clan and a short description.
  • What Can War Robots Be Played On?

    War Robots


    iOS, Android, Game Room, Fire OS, SteamOS, Amazon


    April 14, 2014


    Action, MOBA



    Can You Get War Robots On Windows 10?

    Windows 10 is the operating system. A processor with a speed of 3GHz. 2 GHz. A RAM capacity of 8 GB is required. The graphics card is NVIDIA GTX 960.

    How Many Players Play War Robots?


    Avg. Players

    % Gain

    May 2020



    April 2020



    March 2020



    February 2020



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