How To Become An Ias With Science Stream?

Students must have completed their graduation degree from any stream or student who is in the last year of their graduation degree to apply for the exam. Prelims, mains, and interviews are conducted in the UPSC exam.

Is Science Stream Good For Ias?

Is it possible for a science student to do IAS? Yes, the answer is resounding. They are technically the equivalent of arts or commerce graduates. It is easy to get over the shock of being unfamiliar with the subjects.

Which Stream Is Best For Ias In Science?

  • A field of animal husbandry and veterinary science.
  • Anthropology.
  • Botany.
  • Engineering in the civil sector.
  • The science of chemistry.
  • Science of medicine.
  • Physics.
  • Zoology.
  • Which Stream Is Easy For Ias?

    Therefore, it is advisable to take the Arts stream since it will allow you to prepare better and score higher at all three stages of the IAS examination. Therefore, if you choose to study the humanities in class 11th yourself, you will be better prepared to clear the IAS exam.

    Can I Do Ias After 12th Science?

    Answer. The UPSC conducts the CSE exam to become an IAS Officer. You must apply for the exam before you can become an IAS Officer. To be selected for the training, you must pass the preliminary, main, and interview exams.

    Is There Science In Ias Exam?

    In order to pass the exam, students must study Science and Technology. Physics, chemistry, and biology are the three main sections of the syllabus of Science and Technology. In addition to IT, Biotechnology, Space Technology, Defence Technology, Nano-Technology, and Robotics, there are other technologies.

    Which Science Degree Is Best For Upsc?

    History, geography, and political science are some of the subjects students choose as their main subjects, while engineering is also a subject they study after graduation. Chemistry and anthropology are some of the subjects that people choose as their main subject. It totally depends on your comfort level with each subject. You have the best of luck.

    Is Science Stream Better For Ias?

    This exam is taken by students from different streams, including science, arts, commerce, engineering, medical, etc. There is no restriction on the subjects that students can study for graduation. Students who are engineers or science students have an advantage in the CSAT paper, which is the second paper in the IAS prelims exam.

    Which Stream Is Best For Upsc?

    Answer. There are many good arts courses, but the most important are the ones in English and Spanish. You can get an engineering degree if you are an English major or an arts major if you are an arts major.

    Which Stream Is More Best For Ias?

    In other words, if you are interested in pursuing Civil services as your career goal, Humanities (Arts) will definitely provide you with the edge. This course offers a wide range of subjects that can be taken up for higher studies and provides a strong foundation forCSE as well.

    Which Is The Easiest Degree For Ias?

    I would suggest that you pursue a Bachelor of Arts in order to become an IAS. It is possible to major in political science or sociology. In addition to the UPSC, SSC CGL, and State Public Comission Exams, RRB exams are also helped by these subjects.

    Which Degree Is Best For Ias?

    As the minimum educational qualification for CSE is a bachelor’s degree, and most of the candidates are from three-year graduation programs, we will discuss the issue from the perspective of a three-year undergraduate student. The best place to prepare for the IAS exam is in college.

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