How To Get Keys Fast In War Robots?

Battles earn you Keys, which you can use to open three chests: Bronze (10 keys), Silver (100 keys) and Gold (1000 keys). The drop rate of each chest determines the prize you’ll receive when you open it. By tapping the “i” icon next to each chest, you can find out how much prize pool is available.

How Many Keys Do You Need To Open Super Chest War Robots?

The number of keys needed to open a Super Chest is approximately 8,500.

What Is The Fastest Way To Level Up In War Robots 2020?

Tips. By actively engaging in battle and capturing beacons, you will earn more experience, gold and silver, as opposed to avoiding combat and “camping” (staying near the spawn point) which will not earn you many experience points, gold and silver.

What Happens To Unused Keys In War Robots?

In your inventory, any unused keys are automatically converted into loot that prioritizes the most valuable chests.

How Do You Get A Drone In War Robots?

You should see a button at the top of the screen that says ‘Store’. The drone store can be reached by tapping the app. The Offers section offers reduced Gold, Silver, or real-life money costs if you buy them there. It is possible, however, to purchase them as bundles with other robots, weapons, Microchips, etc.

What Is The Best Weapon In War Robots 2020?

In order to kill it, you should use Rocket weapons such as Orkan or Tulumbas or long-range weapons such as Trebuchet, although it can block the shot with its shield, although it is not powerful enough to kill it. Dash robots like this one are among the most powerful.

What Is The Best War Robot 2020?

  • (b) Inquisitor. This powerful bot has high firepower and can stealth jump.
  • Inquisitor has a much shorter cool down time than Hades, which is part of the Greek set and can absorb and turn fire against you.
  • The Mender is…
  • Hellburner…
  • ) Ares.
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