How To Get Robots To Attack Edgewater?

Ludwig will congratulate you, and send you to pick up his secret weapon, which he hid behind a toilet in the local cantina.

Is There A Way To Not Wipe Out Edgewater?



Signal Point in Space or Lost Signal


Kept Secret But Not Forgotten


Byzantium – Sophia Akande



How Do You Save Edgewater From The Board?

As a result of the player’s actions, a group of Automechanicals stationed near the Edgewater landing pad will be terminated. In order to keep The Board’s hands clean, the automechanicals are necessary. Enter the plant, enter the termination protocol, and send it to the terminal.

What Happens If You Dont Wipe Out Edgewater?

In addition, Akande will not offer anything else if the player does not wish to wipe out Edgewater, so negative speech checks will not occur. It is not possible to collect the reward for turning in Phineas with this choice.

Is It Better To Help Edgewater Or Botanical Laboratory?

In The Outer Worlds, you can join the Botanical Lab if you’re Intimidation. Reed will die, a keycard will be given to a room full of loot, and all remaining quests in Edgewater will fail immediately if you choose to fight. Ultimately, the player has the choice.

How Do I Turn Off Edgewater Power?

You should head into the greenhouse before you speak with Adelaide, so you can do so as soon as possible. Tell her about Reed’s offer during the conversation, and then tell her that you will turn off the power. If you choose to turn off the power to Edgewater instead, she will let you know.

How Do You Get Ludwig’s Secret Weapon?

During a mechanical uprising, Ludwig revealed that he has tucked away a secret weapon in Edgewater. You will be given the weapon to aid in the crusade as a result of his decision. There should be a weapon in the bathroom of Edgewater’s cantina. Ludwig had hidden a weapon in Edgewater, and you found it there.

What Is Ludwigs Secret Weapon?

Ludwig, tell him you have his package. A new weapon mod will be available: Mag-2-Zap.

Can Jeremy Be A Companion?

In The Outer Worlds, Jeremy is an NPC. In the game, the player is not able to control the NPC, but they are often part of Quests and interact with the player. The role of some may be greater than that of others, and some may even be recruited as Companions.

Where Is The Secret Weapon Outer Worlds?

The mind-control ray will destroy any enemy that is continuously being bombarded by this weapon, and any other enemy will be destroyed as well. In Cascadia, it can be found hidden on top of a platform that requires some agility to get to.

Is There A Way To Not Destroy Edgewater?



Byzantium – Sophia Akande



What Is The Point Of No Return Outer Worlds?

Tartarus is the point of no return, so if you have any side content you wish to remove, now is the time to do it. You will find Chairman Rockwell once you reach the prison complex. You can either convince him to let you go or kill him when he confronts you and your party.

Where Is Edgewater Outer Worlds?

Map. Terra 2 is a planet in the Emerald Vale that is home to the Spacer’s Choice company town of Edgewater. Reed Tobson supervises the Saltuna Cannery, which is its primary function.

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