How To Get Science?

You can obtain science by studying any of a variety of paper products, or the late-game relatively-precious Lens, in the study table.

How Do You Get Faith And Science In The Graveyard Keeper?

The Bishop unlocked the church once you reach level 5 with your graveyard, so you can begin casting Sermons to earn more money, attract more followers, and earn some faith. The Church Basement is also accessible.

How Do I Get Blue In The Graveyard Keeper?

  • Craft Fences are 8.
  • There are 9 crafting steel items you can use.
  • A 10 carat buff.
  • I’m going to share 11 crafting prayers…
  • The 12 Grave Items that You Need To Study…
  • The Writing of a Note method.
  • Studying body parts is one of the 14th steps in the study.
  • You will run into a lot of problems when playing Graveyard Keeper because you want to earn blue tech points.
  • How Do You Make A Study Table In The Graveyard Keeper?

    Study table

    Building Information

    Horizontal x Vertical :


    Rotatable :



    How Do I Get The Graveyard Keeper Key?

    When the astrologer gives you a quest to retrieve the keepers journal, you will receive Keepers key as a quest item. Using it at the study table with Snake’s instructions for key creation, the active key will be created, which will allow Snake to unlock the dungeon by using it.

    How Do You Make Faith In The Graveyard Keeper?


    General Information

    Type :

    Church Item


    Sermons, Confessional

    How Do You Get The Blue Stuff In The Graveyard Keeper?

    You can earn blue points by examining the heart or intestines, for example. The blue points are harder to come by, so studying certain items, such as dark organs, will give you one hundred points at once, making it easy to unlock new blueprints.

    What Is Faith Used For In Graveyard Keeper?

    In addition to being a source of money, faith is also a necessary resource for studying, crafting, and zombies. Eventually, you will be able to craft sermons that offer buffs and perks beyond the small amount of faith and money that the starter sermon provides.

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