How To Get To Laboratory Re0?

There is a cable car wagon (M4,19) next to the Coil on level B2, so you can collect it with any of the heroes there. In the control panel, place both coils (you can select “Use” from the inventory). The cable car will start when it is powered on.

Can Rebecca Use The Hookshot?

On the Ecliptic Express, you will find the Hookshot on the Rear deck. The password must be used by both Rebecca and Billy. The character must hold down a release level and the other must pick it up.

Where Can I Find Red Chemical Re0?

  • The Leech Laboratory – Laboratory B1 is an easy-to-use, easy-to-access laboratory.
  • Laboratory B1 of Leech Laboratory. Normal mode.
  • The Leech Laboratory – Laboratory B1. Hard Mode…
  • Laboratory B2 of the elevator passage.
  • Laboratory B2 of the elevator passage.
  • Laboratory B2 of the elevator passage.
  • The Generator Room 2F is located in the Treatment Plant B5…
  • The Generator Room 2F is located in the Treatment Plant B5.
  • How Do You Get Green Chemical Re0?

    Use a Green Chemical [Bronze / 15 GS] The Green Chemical can be found in the Infirmary Room (Training Facility 2F) in the Green color. You only need to add a green chemical to your mixing set and use it to make green tea.

    Where Can I Buy Magnum Re0?

    During Leech Hunter, the Magnum can be found with a Green and a Blue herb in the Hall as part of the item pattern. A full load will be placed on it in the B1 confinement room. Magnum rounds can be fired from this large gun.

    How Do I Save Rebecca From Falling?

    Run straight ahead when the room fades in, and then make a couple of right turns to safety when the room fades in. As soon as you enter the door, Rebecca will be saved, just as a hero would be. If you prefer saving your work, you can use the Ink Ribbon to the left of the door.

    Where Can I Use Up Key Re0?

    “U.S.” is written on the tag. The key has a tag that reads “Up”. In the Turntable Control Room, you can recall the giant lift back to the surface by pressing this key.

    How Do You Get The Magnetic Card In Resident Evil 0?

    Location. In the operator cab of a plane, you will find the Magnetic Card.

    How Do You Get A Silver Ring Re0?

    You can walk a bit and then jump into a new room (M1,18) by going through the hole in the roof. The Jewelry Box is lying on the ground in that room after being killed by the single zombie. Examine the item thoroughly (Examine action) after opening the inventory. You will be able to obtain the Silver Ring at the end.

    Where Do I Use The Hookshot In Resident Evil 0?

  • A window on the roof of Passenger Car 2 allows you to see.
  • The church roof can be reached inside the church.
  • The Leech Room can be reached inside the Reference Room.
  • The Machine Room 1F is located inside the Machine Room 2F.
  • Do You Need The Knife In Resident Evil 0?

    Resident evil 0 has a weapon called the Knife. Zombie’s should only use this knife when they are in need of ammo since it is very weak.

    What Does The Leech Capsule Do In Resident Evil 0?

    Combine the Stripping Agent with Leech Capsule by opening Rebecca’s inventory and highlighting the mixing set. As a result, you will be able to earn a Bl. Charm of Leech. Billy can receive the charm by using the service lift.

    Where Can I Find Billy Re0?

    Run downstairs from the southern door (M6,9) and avoid leeches (you don’t have to attack them). As soon as Billy is found in the next room (M6,10), you will be able to control both characters again.

    How Do You Refill An Empty Re0 Battery?

  • The lever must be turned.
  • There is a blue container at the door.
  • You can access the storage room from the downstairs level.
  • A toad will appear on the metal platform if you attack it.
  • Make sure the battery is fully charged before using the fluid.
  • What Does The Green Chemical Do Re0?

    There is a green substance in the container. By itself, the chemical acts as a Blue Herb, curing poison.

    What Is The Green Liquid In Resident Evil?

    As seen in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, Chemical Bottles (Solvents) are an improvised weapon. A bottle filled with an unknown green liquid can be used to harm foes, especially plants and green zombies.

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