How To Get To The Laboratory In The Aurora?

The Prawn Suit Bay is located underwater at the far left corner of the entrance to the Bay. You can find a tunnel leading to the lab by going underwater there.

How Do I Find The Laboratory In Subnautica?

In the Ghost Canyon of the Lost River, you will find the Laboratory Cache. Ancient Skeletons and other specimens from the Lost River were studied at the site. Unlike other Caches, this one requires the Orange Tablet found in the Deep Grand Reef Degasi Base to unlock.

How Do You Get Into The Aurora Wreck?

There is a fire extinguisher on the left in a box, or you can use your own. You can move through the doorway after you have removed the flames completely – even a small amount can hurt you and cause a bigger fire to break out. The Aurora is right there for you!!

What Is The Password For The Door In The Aurora?

The Cabin No. is the answer. In 1869, 1 door code was assigned, and in 2679, Captain’s Quarters was assigned. In the Cargo Bay door, the code is 1454, while in the Lab Access door, the code is 6483. It is possible to open the Robotics Bay with 6666 as well.

Can You Enter The Aurora After It Explodes?

In the Aurora, only after the explosion is the Player able to explore, but if they are not equipped with a radiation suit, they will suffer damage over time. All three parts of the suit must be able to counteract radiation damage in order to prevent it.

How Do You Get To Aurora Cargo Bay?

In the absence of the Propulsion Cannon, you can jump from the smaller crate on the left and land on top of the larger crate on the right. If you need to move the crates out of the way, you can use the Propulsion Cannon. The Cargo Bay is accessed from the locked door at the end of this hall.

How Do You Get Inside The Aurora Reddit?

  • A repair tool can be used.
  • A cannon for propelling a vehicle.
  • A laser cutter (I believe it’s called that) is a very powerful machine.
  • Radiation suit (gloves, mask, and suit)
  • A fire extinguisher is a device that fires when used.
  • Watch how to get to the laboratory in the aurora Video