How To Play Robots App?

Limassol, Cyprus-based Pixonic is a Russian video game developer and publisher. In 2009, the company was established to develop and publish social network games. As part of its efforts to expand into the mobile device market, Pixonic concentrated its efforts in 2013.

Can You Play War Robots Online?

In War Robots, you can play third-person PvP online – you can choose from dozens of combat robots, hundreds of weapons combinations, and heated clan battles. You must qualify, fight your way to glory, and lead your clan to victory if you want to win. The app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play.

Who Is The Founder Of Pixonic?

Founders of xolovaPixonic, Elena Masolova.

How Much Money Does Pixonic Make?

War Robots’ monthly player spending has exceeded $5M and its lifetime gross revenue has exceeded $190 million thanks to Moscow-based Pixonic, a top 100 game developer in the CIS. In addition, millions of players have played for more than two years, which means they have not sacrificed player engagement.

Is War Robot A Indian Game?

Pixonic, a Russian game developer, created and published War Robots (previously known as Walking War Robots) as a mobile app.

Is War Robots Online Multiplayer?

War Robots


iOS, Android, Game Room, Fire OS, SteamOS, Amazon


April 14, 2014


Action, MOBA



Is War Robots Offline Or Online?

In War Robot, two teams of players pit their robots against each other and battle to the death on various battlefields in real time.

How Do You Play Multiplayer On War Robots?

  • You can add other pilots to your Game Center friends list.
  • Click “Create Platoon” (1) in the game to create a platoon.
  • 2) Your Game Center friends, who have installed Walking War Robots, are on the left.
  • Your Platoon will be strengthened if your friends join.
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