Now people are aware of operating system configuration and their functions. Earlier a person couldn’t enquire about computer hardware make and OS processor because they lacked in knowledge. The scenario has changed, and 90% of people know how to compare iOS 7 versus Android 4.1 versus windows OS. The basic competition amongst these systems is quite common and seen everywhere. One of the main features provided by Apple is the centralized availability of services like iCloud, iTunes, App store, etc. That means with a single subscription, and you can enjoy these services across any Apple device you sign in to. This is an amazing feature to enjoy.

iPhone 11/12: Remove Music App from Lock Screen iOS 11

Apple has designed great products since its inception. The iPhones, iPads, iPods, the Macintosh, all these products deploy elegance and a significant standard. The design, the working, the smooth flow of working seamlessly across all the devices, Apple has nailed it. The looks and behaviors of the operating system housed in these devices, the iOS, is extremely exquisite. You will find the same taste in all Apple devices, even the iWatch. By creating a core system, which interacted with every Apple device fluently, Apple lets you share and distribute your work among the devices.

To make you feel comfortable with the device, Apple has added many customization options in iOS. On the iPhone and iPad, you can manipulate many things to fit your style. iPhone has different options to change, like wallpaper, ring tone, lock screen, widgets, and many more. But there are some system-defined settings, which cannot be changed; as the structure of a widget bar, notification shade, etc. In an iOS update, specifically iOS 11, a bug appeared, tampering with the lock screen widget. The music app and control appear on the lock screen, even though the music app is closed in the background. Let’s look deeper into the issue. All Apple products use security features. There are options like Touch ID, Face ID, and traditional PIN code and password options. These security features are necessary to maintain the privacy of the user data and to safeguard the subscribed services. These passwords are used to access the device as well as the Apple services installed. But sometimes, with scores of different passwords to remember, there are times we forget these passwords.

Apple iOS 7

The OS for portable devices has brought a big revolution in the market. To reach every corner of the world, Apple has brought a new technology that stays in the pocket and declares that the world is now in the hands of every human being, so enjoy it.  To make your life easier and exciting, Apple has introduced the latest designs and features in iOS 7. It is currently doing very well in the market and demanded the most by the youngster and official marketing heads that have a lot of job on internet technology. The processor speed is awesome, and in comparison to android 4.1 and Windows OS, it is much faster and accurate. The applications are very easy to download and connecting with the world through different channels and networks. The control center is like windows OS and android system, so you can consider that apple has borrowed features and doing very well currently.

Android 4.1

It is an operating system found in the latest smartphones of some particular brands, and it is heading towards great success than any other OS. It is simpler, faster, etc.; for every handset, performance matters, and in Android 4.1, you can get it easily. If you have a system running on a lower version of android, then update now to get fabulous Google now and the best camera features. The update is done within an hour and provides a lot of free apps and games which you have never played before.

Windows OS

It has shown great success in PC, laptop, and tablets but did not speed up in work and functions very fast compared to above stated two OS. It came into the market three decades back and spread its web all across the world widely. Now it has been regarded as the slow processor, but still, windows have managed to bring windows 8 OS and 7 in different editions. Today experts compare windows Os with IOS 7 and android 4.1 versions to let others know how effective they are and which is the best amongst the three.


Now a big neck to neck comparison is going on in the market between the Android and iOS 7. To elaborate on the difference, below is some factors which will give enormous knowledge to readers:-

Design:– Apple is offering better design and clean icons rather than a jelly bean. The design and applications are eyes catchy because people are eager to buy apple smartphones rather than others. The cost is for sure higher due to high-quality features, but still, people are falling in love with the custom design and outlook of iOS 7. Now, if we talk about the Android 4.1 version, then its UI designs are darker and consist of black color in the background. You can observe the white font of text and a blue accent in all applications. However, the design of android is more advanced and easily seen in comparison to iOS 7.

All-access play music vs. iTunes:-  there is a vast difference because to use the radio in iOS 7, you have to pay around $25, whereas, in android 4.1, you can get access to unlimited music after paying only $10 per year. In iOS 7, you are not able to search songs, artists, and new songs. Still, in android 4.1, you can easily access music, artist, and play music online anytime and anywhere with internet connectivity.

iOS 7 versus Windows OS:- now, if you talk about the main feature, i.e., internet web browser logo, and design, you must know that the android system and iOS 7 have taken the concept from windows OS. 

Google chrome is the most popular browser application, and it is seen in both windows OS and android all versions, but in iOS 7, it is different and called Siri. The performance of Google chrome is better and regarded as best in all devices.