Is It Better To Save Edgewater Or Botanical Laboratory?

In The Outer Worlds, you can join the Botanical Lab if you’re Intimidation. Reed will die, a keycard will be given to a room full of loot, and all remaining quests in Edgewater will fail immediately if you choose to fight. Ultimately, the player has the choice.

Is It Better To Save Edgewater?

Neither option has a special reward, so you’re free to make your own choice. Reed’s office may have a keycard for his storage room if you kill him (or pickpocket him).

Where Should You Divert The Power In Outer Worlds?

If you are ready to make your decision and divert power from either Edgewater or the Botanical Lab, you can enter the Geothermal Plant through the broken gate and front door once you are ready. You will find the long hall after you turn right. The master computer can be found here. Turn the power off by walking up to it.

How Do I Convince Adelaide To Go Back To Edgewater?

Please tell Adelaide that Edgewater is her home. Reed will be gone before she will agree. If you speak to him after returning from the Geothermal Plant, you can either persuade him or lie to him.

Should I Help Adelaide Outer Worlds?

Adelaide is a better fit for the colony and Reed will step aside so that he can devote himself to the colony. If you kill him, you must kill his guards as well. If you don’t have 10 Determination to convince Parvati that killing her boss in cold blood in front of her is not that big of a deal, she will lose her companion status.

Can You Cure The Plague In Edgewater?

You’ll explain to Reed that Adelaide can not only feed everyone in Edgewater with her miracle fertilizer (a secret ingredient: dead people), but she will also be able to cure the plague if you have the dialogue skills.

Should You Divert Power Away From Edgewater?

It is impossible to fly your ship, The Unreliable, without a Power Regulator, and you must divert the power away from either Edgewater or the Botanical Lab in order to get one. It is inevitable that either of these factions will fall if they are taken away.

What Happens If You Side With Edgewater?

It is likely that the people holed up in the Deserter camp will return to Edgewater if you side with them. Adelaide, however, will not let go of her quest for a cure, even if it kills her.

How Do I Convince Zoe To Return?

The small cluster of buildings are surrounded by Marauders. Stefan’s special surprise will cause Zoe to commit to returning to the Botanical Labs. Let her know about it. You can report your success by going back to Grace.

How Can We Convince Deserters To Return To Edgewater?

To convince Deserters to return to Edgewater, you must first complete their side quests. The Frightened Engineer and A Few Kindred Spirits are required for Thomas and Grace, respectively. The Botanical Camp is a popular place to find Grace and Thomas at the campfire.

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