Is Robots With Robin Williams A Suitable Kid Movie?

The sci-fi stunner is smart, but it’s also gory; too violent for kids to watch. An animated adventure that is brainy, charming, and eco-friendly. There is intense emotion involved, but most teens will be able to handle it. It is a great message to convey when you touch a robot-kid friendship tale.

Why Is Robots Movie Rated Pg?

A brief language and suggestive humor were among the reasons for the MPAA’s rating of Robots PG.

Was Robots Supposed To Be Rated R?

A brief explanation of the MPAA is provided by some suggestive humor.

What Is The Rating For The Movie Robots?

Rating for PGRobots / MPAA

What Age Is Appropriate To Watch I Robot?

I highly recommend I-robot to anyone who is always looking for a little mystery, tension, and amazement in a film. Additionally, the film is recommended for children between the ages of 12 and 13, although I believe that the average 10 and 11 year old can handle the excitement.

Why Is Irobot Rated Pg-13?

The police officer believes that some of these robots are programmed in a way that could harm humans despite the laws requiring them to be hard-wired so they cannot harm humans. I, Robot is rated PG-13 for what?? A brief nudity is included in the MPAA’s rating of I, Robot PG-13 for intense stylized action.

Does I Robot Have The F Word?

The action pic is amazing, but it wears down over time. There is a lot of kicking, punching, and fighting in the violence. Blood is not present in some gun fights.

Is I Robot Rated R?

The Matrix [2004] [PG-13] – 3.

Why Is Robots Rated R?

There are some thrill-ride-like special effects in Robots, which is cartoon-style peril and violence. A few potty jokes are included, including an extended fart joke sequence, as well as some potty language (“booty,” “fanny”).

Are Robots Good Movies?

Overall, the film is beautiful to look at, but very empty and forgettable. Despite its amazing look, it turns out to be nothing more than another kids movie. The number of Cs is so high. In recent years, this film has been lost in the crowd and does not rank among the best.

What Is Robot Movie About?

Rodney Copperbottom (Ewan McGregor) wants to work for Bigweld Industries, a company that makes spare robot parts, in a world where sentient robots exist. However, Bigweld has just been deposed as the company’s CEO by the villainous Phineas T. Greg Kinnear plays Ratchet, a robot owner who wants all robots to be forced to upgrade to profit. The animated adventure follows Rodney and his friend Fender (Robin Williams) as they attempt to stop Ratchet’s evil plans. Film / Robots / synopsis s