f you are someone that owns a business, then you will know that social media is one of the best business tools at your disposal. Since the introduction of social media, the way in which businesses operate has had a complete flip. Instead of depending on older marketing techniques such as advertisements, companies now depend on the tools that certain social media platforms can provide for them. If you are someone that owns a business, then you may be stuck on which social media site you should primarily use for your business. 

You could always use several different social media sites to operate your business from, but this would require a lot of management and can be overwhelming for a business that doesn’t have a dedicated social media team. 

Each social media site has its very own individual features that make it an excellent tool for any business, here is a ranking of social media sites by how useful they are for your business.  



Instagram is arguably the best social media platform when it comes to operating your business. When you first consider making your Instagram, you can first choose which kind of account you will open. You can choose to make a standard account that will give you access to some metrics, or you can make a business account that allows you to access many more metrics that can be used to judge the success of your business.   



Among many of the metrics that you can use on Instagram, one of the most useful ones is reach. Reach tells you exactly how many people are seeing your posts. It is one thing knowing exactly how many people are following you, but it is another thing knowing how many people your posts are actually reaching.  Owning a normal Instagram account can really mislead you in terms of who you are actually connecting to online. If you want to really find out just how many people your posts are reaching, you simply need to go into your analytics and it will tell you just how many people your posts have been reaching.  If you are worried that you are not getting the reach that you want, you can besuche worldfa.me wenn du günstige Instagram views kaufen möchtest. If you buy more followers and you feel as though you aren’t getting the reach you are looking for, then we recommend promoting your posts. Promoting your posts will mean that your posts will be shown on the home page of people that they would not have typically shown.  

The aim is to promote an eye-catching post that will attract people to your page and make people more likely to continue to follow your content. If you are someone that has a product that can be quite visually appealing, then you can really take advantage of this to try and get your page a lot more attention than it already has.  



After Instagram, the best social media platform for you to use to promote and run your business is Facebook. Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, so there is no wonder why both of them are so successful social media platforms used by businesses.  

The feature that Facebook is most well known for is its promotion. No social media platform matches the success of the Facebook promotion feature and it is a very useful tool to help get your business out there. What makes the Facebook promotion tool so fantastic is just how specific you can make it.  

This is not a tool that is not exclusively limited to people with a lot of money to spare, which is why so many people are fond of using this tool. If you don’t have a lot of cash to spare, then you can still use the promotion tool. There are several tiers that you can use that vary from a low price point to a higher price point.  

When it comes to using the Facebook promotion feature, you can choose exactly where you want your product to be promoted and for how long. If you spend a little extra, you can also choose to exclusively promote your product to a specific type of person, which will mean that you are getting a lot of use out of the promotional features and you will be targeting people who are more likely to actually click on your page.

As well as having promotional features, you can also make an independent business page on Facebook. This business page will tell you all of the analytics that you would need in order to see if your business is a success. These analytics include; follow response, follower amount, and page interaction.  



If you are someone that owns a business that will thrive through visual advertising, then we recommend that you use Snapchat due to the fact it is all based around the use of images and videos. We live in a scrolling culture, which means that people will spend hours on end looking at their phones and going through whatever images show up. If you gain enough followers, then you will be able to infiltrate the phones of many people, which means that you will be able to draw a lot of attention from people that could become potential customers for your business.