Technology has become one of the most important things in our current society, long gone are the days where businesses had to do everything by hand and every job, they had to do took 3x longer. Technology has been one of the best advancements that help to make businesses thrive, it helps to make businesses more efficient and adds a lot of security too. As businesses have come to be so dependent on technology this has opened up room in the market for another type of business, the IT support business.

Years ago, these businesses would have had very few clients as technology was not often used, but now, these businesses are some of the most important as failing technology could cause many issues for a business. These are one of the most helpful types of business, the people who run IT support firms are experts in their fields, any potential problem that may arise in relation to the technology they will have the answer for, for example, you can find different IT solutions from SphereIT as they are professionals who could answer any of your questions and fix any of your problems.

Another great thing about these businesses is that many of them operate online, they prefer to use video calls as their main form of communication, this allows them to see the issue rather than just have you describe it on the phone and it means they can easily talk you through what you should do to fix it. A great advantage of operating in this way is that if there is an urgent issue that is affecting your business, then you don’t have to wait for them to arrive on-site, you can sort the problem out straight away. If you’re a huge tech fan, and you’re thinking of starting up your own IT support business, then that is a great idea as there is always space in the market for this, but you’ll need to be sure you have all the equipment that you need when starting. We’ve found out what the most important equipment is to help you out.


When you’re first starting up a business, it can be difficult to establish yourself as a respectable company that will provide a great service. It takes a lot of consistently good work and excellent customer service to achieve this reputation, this means that one of the most important pieces of technology that you need is one of the most basic: a telephone. While many people these days prefer to drop a message to find out about a company and their service, this is more common with individuals, if a company is going to hire you it is likely that they’ll expect to talk to you properly over the phone. Also, it shows them that when they need support, they won’t be waiting around for a reply from an email and that they can ring you and get the support they need straight away.

Computers and Software

As an IT expert, it is likely you will already know just how important it is to get high-quality computers and how much it can affect a business if they purchase older computers that are slow. As an IT support company, you will be expected to have top-of-the-range equipment or it will put potential clients off as they might think you aren’t up to date with technology and therefore won’t be able to help them. By purchasing good computers you’ll be able to provide a better service and by doing e a lot of research to make sure you’re choosing the best software you’ll be making your job easier in the long run. Having great computers and the perfects software is great for helping you to stay organized when you start to pick up more clients and have more jobs to do each day.

Computer Network

The computer network is made up of many different pieces of equipment, each piece that we’re about to tell you about is just as important as any other as you need all of the pieces for things to run smoothly. The computer network is like the lifeblood of a computer, all of these pieces of equipment work together to move information along until it reaches where it needs to be. The equipment that makes up this network includes an ethernet cable, a router, and switches, with a few extra pieces of equipment you can connect computers on a larger network, and for your network to be able to communicate with things outside, you’ll also need a modem.


Having a work phone is super important for any business, even more, important than having a landline telephone. Whilst is it professional to have a landline, smartphones are much more helpful to a business than a landline. Smartphones allow you to help your customers out from anywhere, they can contact you whenever they need without you needing to be in the office for it. They’re also a great way to keep yourself organized as there are various apps you can download to help your organizational skills, you can take advantage of the calendar which will notify you before an event to make sure you don’t miss it and they have become the most effective way of communicating.