One can find thousands of uses of the internet. There is an uncountable amount of data readily available, just one click away. Millions of servers buzzing across the globe, hundreds of satellites are transmitting data, thousands of miles of wires running along carrying data at high speeds. The vast network of the World Wide Web has now grown so huge that it is just unfathomable. With all the data available, it is not easy to control the security of it. There are, however, extremely sophisticated programs designed to safeguard sensitive information. There are innumerable ways to feast on this great resource.

But there are four ways of exploitation of the internet. The rate of cybercrime is increasing with the development of technology. But one of the genius ways of using the internet for illegal purposes is Piracy. Every year, millions of dollars are lost due to piracy of songs, movies, software, games. And many more. Everything that you buy on the internet is available on the internet somewhere for free. The clever developers have always found loops and ways to make the piracy network work. And one of the famous names in this underground internet is the Kickass proxy.

Benefits of Unlocking

There are some tremendous benefits associated with unlocking your iPhone. The first and the most important one is independence to use desired SIM cards other than AT&T. You can use the cheapest network with maximum benefits. It surely is a handy option for those who travel a lot and can save money by switching to the most cost-effective choice. Gone are the days when you had to restrict yourself with the applications provided by Apple alone, as there are numerous cool applications that your friends have been using in other smartphones. It certainly was torture to know that even after owning the smartest phones of this era, you are not allowed to try your favorite apps. But unlocking will assist you in overcoming such issues and enjoy your iPhone to the fullest.

The piracy and proxy

Piracy means using the licensed and payware without paying the demanded fee to the concerned authorities. The songs and movies are rarely intended to be published freely. But on the internet, you can find any song, any movie for practically nothing. Piracy occurs due to uncensored data transfer, but in this vast network, it is impossible to track the data everywhere. You can get songs, movies, TV series, web series, cartoons, anime, games, software, operating systems, applications everything on the internet. One of the most used piracy networks is the ‘torrent.’ Torrent is a peer to peer data transfer client which provides data without hosting a standalone server. It is easy, essential, and extremely beneficial to overcome the limitations of using the same SIM card for almost two long years. There are several experts and online guidelines that you can use to unlock the iPhone and enjoy wonderful benefits.

Proxy means the rights to portray someone else, the authority to represent someone else. In computer terms, the proxy is referred to as faking your true identity in the virtual world. There are mirror sites and proxy servers that mask the IP address of the machine you are using and allows you access virtually. Proxy is used for privacy purposes but also for accessing restricted areas on the internet. All of the torrent Metasearch engines and hosts use proxy networks. The famous ‘torrents. EU’ was the greatest torrent search engine, which closed down a few years ago, as the domain name was seized by the authorities. The authorities raid these domain servers as they are concerned with the piracy issue. However, by shifting the domain names frequently, these other torrent engines like The pirate bay proxy and Kickass proxystill survive.

The torrent network and kickass proxy

This is how torrents work;

  • There are torrent clients like utorrent and BitTorrent, which are standalone applications for downloading and seeding files.
  • There are several torrent proxy sites that provide torrent files for download.
  • These torrent files have a very small size and contain only the necessary information to be downloaded, the seeders information, and the data trackers.
  • Upon opening these torrent files in the torrent client, the client connects to the remote seeder via peer to peer connection, and data transmission begins between the two machines.
  • There are several seeders from across the globe, which send data packets and not the whole data from a single place. The data packets from all the seeders form the whole file, and these data packets are randomly transmitted by the seeders.
  • Hence, it is practically impossible to track the data packets as the connection can be closed anytime by the seeder, and the data packets are not ordered.
  • The download rate depends on the number of seeders seeding their files, and as the data packets are received, the complete file is built.

The Kickass proxy

In the list of torrent indexing websites, the Kickass proxy sites sit at second rank now, following the Pirate bay. Founded in 2008, the ‘KAT’ has more than 400 million monthly users who enjoy almost 10 million torrent files. There are many mirror sites of Kickass, for there is a threat to its existence. From 2015, Google chrome began blacklisting these sites because they could potentially host harmful programs. In the past couple of years, KAT has hopped on many domain names as the governments are encroaching on their business. Few countries have started blocking their ISPs and restricting access to the sites. Kickass torrent began with the .com domain but has moved to several different domains like kickass. To kickass. So, etc.

A typical antivirus program has access to the core properties and functions of the operating system, like the Firewall and internet data usage statistics. Just as the local government registry seizes the domain name, KAT selects a new IP and domain name. Currently, among many working mirror sites, kat. Cr remains active, but there is no information on the owners, administrators, or the physical existence of the Kickass system.