For the ardent comic fans, the e-comics have come as a blessing. Though nothing is comparable to the pleasure of turning pages of a proper comic book but catching up with modern times and advanced technology, the e-comics are a simple and easy way of enjoying the pleasure of reading. With the advanced comic book readers, you may, on your PC, Mac, etc., keep flipping the pages of books stored in its memory. Let us know more about it.

When you select a comic reader

While picking up a comic reader, you need to keep three points in mind:

  • The Format Support– It is essential for the application to be able to accept your comic book. Thus the format should be basic and supportable.
  • Display Options– Full-screen option is essential in a comic viewer cause no comic lover can ever read a book with total ease when it is surrounded by menu, sidebars, etc.
  • Speed-If the application hangs or is too slow in the normal course of reading, then the entire pleasure of reading shall drain; therefore, ensure your comic book reader has the appropriate speed.

Top five choices for Comic books reader of a Comic aficionado


This one is the preferred application due to the user-friendly experience it offers and the multiple options it comes up with. This application is free and gives endless options to its user like bookmarks, highlighting as the favorite, inclusion in smart lists. Besides all that, it supports both the formats: CBR as well as CBZ and thus totally smoothens out the experience of book reading.


This is generally the next preference after ComicRack due to its perfect view of 100%, giving total ease to the reader. It will save the maximum possible space for your comic and will hide all the unnecessary options from the screen. However, when the operations are not available on the screen, you will need to use hotkeys for all commands.


 It is a very speedy reader. With little storage space, it comes as a lightweight comic reader. With awesome format support of CBR and CBZ image formats and zipped files, it is smooth on the system resources. It is a perfect combination of ComicRack and CoView with several options and a full-screen perfect view.


This application is full of noteworthy features. It occupies little space and comes with awesome speed as well as unlimited variety. It comes with various comics accompanied, giving a perfect start for a regular avid comic reader, but the drawback it has is the lack of bookmarks and note taking tools. 

Simple comic

 As the name suggests, this application is extremely simple in all terms of usage as well as speed. With no striking or extreme feature, this application is designed to give an easy read, but it doesn’t have a start-up help, etc.

Everything You Need to Know About the Movie Box App

It is not all that you think the Application to be; unquestionably, the renditions of the Movie Box App may not be sufficient to make you comprehend what the app is skilled off. It is not just an application where you can set yourself to watch movies. These are the days that individuals are obsessed with Films, Broadcasted programs, and Trailers. It would be simple to discover all your favorite movies, TV shows, and trailers in one application. Yes, it is possible with the help of Movie Box Application, which is a recently launched app, to allow you access online movies, TV shows and do a lot more things online on your iPad/iPhone, Smartphone and PC without investing cash and energy to pursuit others.

“Film Box,” the well-known application accessible on the web, have every one of the elements to observe, and you can stream anything of your choice for free. There is such a large number of other applications, yet some exceptional elements will separate Move Box from other applications everywhere throughout the web. It is one of a kind arranging film application that is straightforward and quick. Here we can make our viewed/unwatched motion picture list to recall and surf other stuff effortlessly. Furthermore, investigate forthcoming, requested movies, surveys from the pundits, and first-class movies. You can do a lot with the app and stream any favorite movies and stay updated about all the upcoming movies in the month with this single app.   

Overview of Movie Box App

Since there are distinctive working frameworks, we don’t have a single answer for all, so that I will tell diverse methods for diverse operation frameworks. You can pick the strategy of your separate working framework and take after the progressions to introduce. It is much too less demanding to download this element for windows. Download it from the given beneath connection and appreciate it. There is another option method to get Motion picture Box Establishment you can make them use android ask bundle with Blue stacks emulator. There are numerous android emulators for pc/portable workstation. However, I prescribe you to utilize the Blue stacks emulator, which is less demanding and has a great interface contrasted with another emulator accessible for android.

Features of Movie Box App

  • You can create flexibility for watched lists with an instance
  • Randomly choose the number of unwatched movies
  • Discover movies from different sections as well as categories which will include Top Rated as well as others
  • Be the first one to watch trailers of every movie when once it is being launched
  • Sort out selective movies with the help of dates as well as other parts
  • Select out movies with the help of artwork or different honors
  • Be the first one to book movie tickets online without a queue to be stuck at
  • Keep your money in the wallet and then redeem codes
  • Get attractive discounts when needed

This average application will give you a simple experience of reading with no added feature or number of options. So, try your first app now