Were Study Im Medical Laboratory Assistant Houston?

It is generally recommended that laboratory scientists earn an undergraduate degree first. majoring in biology, chemistry, microbiology, or another field related to science.

How Much Does A Medical Lab Assistant Make In Texas?

What is the salary of a Laboratory Assistant in Texas? According to the Texas Department of Labor, Laboratory Assistant I salaries range from $39,954 to $56,268 as of October 29, 2021.

How Long Is The Medical Lab Technician Program?

What is the time-frame for becoming t to Become a Medical Lab Technician? The first step to becoming a medical lab technician is to earn an Associate of Science degree. From start to finish, this can take approximately two years.

What Is The Best Course For A Lab Technician?

  • A diploma in ECG technology is available.
  • An accredited Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology.
  • The DMLT (Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology) is a medical laboratory technology degree.
  • A diploma in radiography technology is available.
  • Technician Diploma in CVT.
  • A diploma in Medical Laboratory Assistant is available.
  • An advanced diploma in clinical analysis is available.
  • What Kind Of Jobs Work In A Laboratory?

  • Scientists in the medical laboratory.
  • Laboratory technicians work in the medical field.
  • Scientists who study the interaction between cells and their environment.
  • Atechnologist is someone who uses technology to solve problems.
  • A physician specializing in phlebotomists.
  • Biologists who study the genetic structure of organisms.
  • A Pathologist’s Assistant is responsible for performing the autopsy.
  • A clinical chemist is someone who works in the field.
  • How Much Does A Medical Assistant Make In Texas Per Hour?

    Years of experience

    Per hour

    Less than 1 year


    1 to 2 years


    3 to 5 years


    6 to 9 years


    How Much Do Lab Assistants Earn?

    Job Title


    NSW Department of Health Laboratory Assistant salaries – 25 salaries reported


    Western Diagnostic Pathology Laboratory Assistant salaries – 14 salaries reported


    Vetpath Laboratory Services Laboratory Assistant salaries – 14 salaries reported


    What Is The Minimum Wage In Texas For A Medical Assistant?

    The average salary ranges from $22,080 to $45,167 per year.

    What Does A Medical Assistant Do In A Lab?

    The duties of a Medical Lab Assistant include receiving laboratory specimens from hospitals, clinics, and other practices. The preparation of specimens for laboratory testing. Testing specimens manually using a microscope. Analyzing specimens for the presence or absence of specified cells and other biological material.

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