What Is The Average Salary For A Laboratory Technologist?

MLTs earned an average salary of $30 that year. The average salary for a senior management position is $43 an hour, or just under $90,000 a year, with some earning as much as $49 an hour.

How Much Money Does A Lab Technologist Make?


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Do Lab Techs Make Good Money?

According to Payscale, Clinical Laboratory Technicians earned a median salary of $53,120 in 2019. Those who earned the most money that year made $68,100, while those who earned the least made $39,030.

Is Lab Tech A Good Career?

Medical laboratory technologists: Is it t technologist a good career? Medical laboratory technologists earn above-average salaries and benefit from faster-than-average job growth projections.

What Lab Jobs Pay The Most?

Job Title

Annual Salary

Weekly Pay

Travel Clinical Laboratory Scientist



Senior Scientist Microbiology



CLS Clinical Lab Scientist



Locum Clinical Laboratory Scientist



How Much Does Medical Lab Technologist Earn?

Medical and clinical laboratory technologists earn an average annual salary of $55,990 (BLS May 2020), which is higher than the national average of $56,310 (BLS May 2020). Based on the following percentiles, the data for MLTs is broken down into: 10th percentile – $31,450 per year or $15 per hour. An hourly rate of $12 is applied.

Is There A High Demand For Medical Lab Techs?

In recent years, there has been a growing concern over the lack of new lab technicians because of the high demand. The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science is quick to point out that there is a shortage of workers in Alberta.

Where Do Lab Techs Get Paid The Most?



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