What Is The Function Of The Clinical Virology Laboratory?

Clinical virology laboratories perform molecular methods, rapid antigen testing, culture, and serology in addition to their full range of virology services.

What Is The Function Of Virology Laboratory?

The availability of clinical virology laboratories has increased dramatically since a decade ago; they can be operated on a modest scale and can be tailored to the needs of the patients they serve. Diagnostic information about enteroviruses, herpesviruses, and humanimmunodeficiency viruses is available in most laboratories.

What Is Virology Laboratory?

A virology lab is a place where viruses are collected and analyzed. Viruses are studied in the field of infectious disease. A virus’s genetics and disease-causing properties, its different species, and how vaccines, treatments, and/or drugs affect its biology are some of the areas of study.

What Is The Purpose Of Virology?

Viruses are all about understanding them – from chicken pox to Ebola and Zika to new and emerging infections. Medical doctors who specialize in infectious disease diagnosis, management, and prevention are called infectious disease specialists.

What Is A Virology Department?

A wide range of patient specimens are tested in the Virology Laboratory for viral antibodies and viral DNA/RNA to detect their presence. Patients and service users within the Trust and local community are provided with quality diagnostic and advisory services that are timely and of high quality.

What Is Virology Unit?

The Virology Unit’s current research focuses on locally important medical viruses, which aim to determine how the viruses are epidemiologyd and develop new technology for rapid diagnosis.

What Is A Doctor Of Virology?

Medical doctors and researchers may be considered viraologists. Direct patient care is carried out by some of these professionals, who work alongside other health care professionals to treat persistent viral infections.

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