What Is The Purpose Of A Laboratory Report Quizlet?

In a laboratory report, the diagnosis of the patient is indicated.

What Is The Purpose Of A Laboratory Test?

Tests in the laboratory can help diagnose a disease, plan treatment, check whether treatment is working, or monitor its progress.

What Is The Purpose Of The Lab Quizlet?

Provide objective and quantitative information about the health and function of the body. Providing essential information to the physician so that he or she can accurately diagnose and manage a patient’s condition. Blood and blood-forming tissues are studied in a laboratory.

What Is The Purpose Of A Laboratory Profile?

Provides the physician with accurate information about the patient’s condition and body functions, so that a diagnosis can be made based on the results of the test.

What Is The Purpose Of The Patient Accession Number Found On The Laboratory Report?

The patient ACCESSION NUMBER is found on the Laboratory REPORT. The laboratory must identify each specimen.

What Is The General Purpose Of Clinical Laboratory Tests Quizlet?

A laboratory test is used to analyze and study materials, fluids, or tissues obtained from patients to aid in the diagnosis and treatment of disease.

What Is The Purpose Of Laboratory Techniques And Procedures Performed On Patient Specimens?

A laboratory uses techniques and procedures to detect biomarkers and diagnose diseases on patient specimens. The analysis of blood, urine, semen, or tissue samples can be done using a variety of methods, including biochemical, microbiological, and cytological.

What Are The Four Purposes Of Lab Tests?

Different laboratory tests are ordered for different purposes (diagnosis, monitoring therapy, and screening). These tests are based on the operating characteristics required for each purpose.

What Is The Use Of The Laboratory?

In addition to designing, building, and testing technological devices, engineers use laboratories. Schools, universities, industry, government, and military facilities can all use scientific laboratories as research rooms and learning spaces.

What Is A Laboratory Test Panel Or Profile?

A test panel (sometimes called a profile) is a group of laboratory tests that are related in some way: by the medical condition they are intended to diagnose (cardiac risk panel), by the specimen type (complete blood count, CBC), by the tests most frequently requested by users (com

What Is An Accession Number On A Lab Test?

In a lab, an accession number is a alphanumeric code printed on an aliquot sample. In the laboratory’s Laboratory Information System (LIM), the accession number is associated with a Custody and Control Form.

What Is The Purpose Of Patient Preparation For A Laboratory Test?

In order to ensure the results of a laboratory test are within the reference range, patient preparation is essential.

What Is A Lab Accession?

The Specimen Accession and Processing (Laboratory Receiving) section of the Laboratory Information System (LIPS) is where specimens are sorted, entered into the LIPS, labelled with barcoded labels, and processed. The average number of specimens referred to other laboratories for special testing each week is 500.

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