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To be eligible for entry into the Petpet Lab, you must already have access to the normal Secret Laboratory. In order to use the map, you must have all the pieces in your inventory. Once you have submitted them, you will be able to access the lab.

How Do You Get The Secret Lab Map On Neopets?

There are nine pieces of the Secret Lab Map hidden around Neopia, and you need to collect them all. Random Events, Tarla, or buying them are the only ways to get them. Shops usually carry pieces #2, #3, #4, #6, #7, #8 and #9 since they normally sell for less than 100,000 Neopoints.

How Do You Use Zap Petpet?

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  • What Does The Petpet Laboratory Map Do?

    The Petpet Lab map can be completed on the side account of some players. If you like your petpet, you can zap it with your daily zap, and you can zap the same petpet as many times as you like, even if it is a Pile of Soot.

    How Do You Get Petpet Lab Maps?

    The nine different ‘Petpet Laboratory Map’ pieces must also be collected after you have collected all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory. Below are some examples. Alternatively, you can purchase the map pieces separately from the shop wizard. The trading post also sells a full lab map.

    How Many Pieces Of The Petpet Lab Map?

    The Petpet Lab Map consists of nine pieces, just like the Secret Laboratory Map. The Lab Map (900,000 to over 1,000,000 Neopoints) is only available for about 6,000 Neopoints on this map.

    How Do You Use The Secret Lab Map?

    The Secret Laboratory Map can only be accessed by first turning in all nine map pieces (at the same time) from your inventory at the Treasure Maps page. A rare Random Event is the most common way to receive one of the nine Secret Laboratory Map pieces.

    How Do You Unlock Lab Ray On Neopets?

    A mad scientist owns it and it is hidden deep under the sea. The Secret Laboratory map can be found in the Treasure Maps section, along with all nine pieces of the Secret Laboratory Map. It will allow you to “zap” your pets every day once you have unlocked it. They change when you zap them.

    How Do You Get The Secret Lab Map?

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    How Do You Get Map Pieces On Neopets?

    You can probably find several different pieces in the shop of a user who sells another from the same map. The Trading Post often has full maps available for purchase. Visit the Treasure Hunt page to turn in all nine map pieces for your prize.

    How Do I Zap My Neopet?

    You must earn all neopoints to buy the Lab Map on your main account, and then send the pieces to your side accounts in order to zap your pet. There is a chance to get some extra zaps at the NC Mall thanks to the Lab Ray Fortune Cookie.