Where Is The Green Key Slot In The True Laboratory?

After defeat, Snowdrake’s Mother drops the blue key. You will find a green key slot in the adjacent room.

What Happens If You Do Pacifist First Undertale?

If you saved everyone, you can reload your save and go hang out with Papyrus and Undyne if you did not accomplish a True Pacifist Run.

Where Is Alphys After Mettaton?

Mettaton is leaving Alphys behind after she finishes her body, so she fears she will leave her behind. Mettaton is a dear friend to her, and she would not know what to do if he left. In Neutral Route endings, Alphys disappears, either after killing Mettaton or Undyne, and it is suggested that she committed suicide.

Who Calls You In The Elevator In Undertale?

Sans tells Papyrus that the protagonist is a human, and the protagonist may receive one of two phone calls immediately afterward depending on the fun value of the call. A protagonist may be pranked by a Sans.

How Do You Beat Amalgamate Pacifist?

Strategy. It is impossible to kill all Amalgamates; all battles with them end peacefully or in a Game Over. There is a possibility that the protagonist did not intend harm (since they are only accessible in the True Pacifist Route), or that the Amalgamates’ unusual abilities and determination led to their success.

How Do I Get Undyne’s Letter?

Undyne gives the protagonist a letter in Snowdin. If the protagonist defeats Flowey and does not befriend Undyne or Papyrus, Flowey instructs the protagonist to do so. The protagonist is given the letter after hanging out with Undyne in this case.

Can You Do The Pacifist Ending First?

I just learned that it is impossible to get a True Pacifist ending unless you defeat the game once in neutral. Additionally, if you have been trying to get the True Pacifist on the first play through, the game will automatically bring you to the neutral ending if you have been trying to get him on the first play through.

What Happens If You Do Pacifist After Neutral?

After your neutral run, you don’t need to reset your game (unless you gained EXP or LOVE). Just go back to Undyne, do the True Lab part, and you’ll be on your way to the Pacifist Route’s final boss.

Should I Go Genocide Or Pacifist First?

As the game keeps track of how each playthrough ends up, we recommend a Pacifist walkthrough first followed by Genocide, and then you can try out each version. Additionally, there is a ‘Hard Mode’ that you can explore.

What Happens To Alphys If You Kill Mettaton?

Mettaton’s Lab is closed and there is no response if you kill her and go back there. There has been a suicide attempt by her. Undyne is depressed after Alphys commits suicide, and Asgore is killed in a neutral ending. She asks you to bring her friends back from whatever you have done to them.

What Mettaton Said About Alphys True?

According to Mettaton, Alphy has programmed him to be popular and not to kill people.

Is Alphys Alive In Horrortale?

Sans mentioned that Alphys might have died in the teaser fangame. She was the royal scientist when Asgore was alive. flashbacks from the comic, it appears she went silent in order to give Sans more time to figure out how to fix The Core.

Does Alphys Remember Gaster?

Sans may have told Alphys about Gaster: He may have not known Gaster had vanished, or did, but thought that only meant he had died, and attempted to speak with him about Gaster, which led to him having a confused state. The way they met is that way.

How Did Asriel Call Frisk?

Asriel begins to refer to Frisk as Chara near the end of the pacifist route. However, Frisk did not remind him of Chara in any way. Flowey was, however, in love with Chara for the rest of his life. Chara is idolized by Flowey and believes he is the only one who can understand him.

Who Is The Voice You’ve Never Heard Before Undertale?

Asriel’s voice can be confirmed based on the evidence in the game. In addition to the fact that the caller refers to frisk as “chara” (or whatever the player named the fallen child), flowey/asriel is the only one who refers to them as such in other parts of the game as well.

How Do You Get To The Secret Lab In Undertale?

The turtle shop is located just south of the save point. You will need to take the boat back to the Hotlands. You will need to keep going to the right until you reach a room with a note. You should read it and then go into the room to read it.

Does Beating Mettaton Ruin Pacifist?

It is perfectly safe to run your Pacifist.

How Do You Beat The Bird Amalgamate?

It is possible to avoid the Reaper Bird by picking on it, praying, and mystifying it.

Can You Beat Undertale Pacifist?

Undyne befriends Alphys after defeating Asgore, and she gives the protagonist the letter immediately after befriending her. If Undyne was not befriended in the Pacifist-Neutral Route, and the protagonist returns to Undyne’s house after defeating Asgore, she On Alphys’s date, he goes to the garbage dump with her.

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