Which Abbreviation Stands For A Diagnostic Laboratory Test?

PERRLA is an acronym that doctors use to identify your health by checking your pupils.

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What Abbreviation Stands For Diagnostic Test?


Stands for

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A test that measures electrical impulses of the heart

Which Of The Following Diagnostic Procedures Measures The Oxygen Level In The Blood Group Of Answer Choices?

An oxygen sensor that measures how much oxygen is in your blood is called pulse oximetry. You can use your finger or ear to detect the sensor. Blood oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are measured using an artery blood gas test. In most cases, blood is taken from the wrist by cutting through an artery.

Which Of The Following Medications Improves The Ability To Cough Up Mucus Group Of Answer Choices?

Inhaled medications such as mucolytics thin mucus in the airways, allowing it to be coughed out more easily. In addition to hypertonic saline, dornase alfa (Pulmozyme) is also a type of mucus thinner. When using a bronchodilator, avoid inhaling hypertonic saline until you have used it.

Which Of The Following Abbreviation Stands For Diagnostic Test?


Stands for

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A test that measures electrical impulses of the heart



A test that uses sound waves to look at the heart



A test that measures electrical impulses of the brain

What Abbreviation Stands For A Life Threatening Condition In Babies?

A life-threatening lung condition, acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) prevents enough oxygen from entering the body and reaching the lungs. Respiratory distress syndrome can also be present in infants.

Which Of The Following Is A Machine That Breathes For A Patient Who Is Unable To Breathe On His Or Her Own Quizlet?

Ventilators are machines that help patients breathe (ventilate) during surgery or when they are unable to breathe on their own due to a critical illness. Ventilators connect to patients via hollow tubes that go into their mouths and down into their main airways.

What Are Diagnostic Tests?

A diagnostic test is a test that is used to confirm or rule out a condition or disease. A diagnostic test can provide critical information to your doctor before he or she can create a treatment plan.

Which Medical Abbreviation Means A Diagnostic Procedure?

A medical diagnosis (abbreviated Dx, D, or D) is the process of determining which disease or condition explains a person’s symptoms and signs.

What Does Prn Mean In Medical Terms?

In the PRN prescription, the medication is not scheduled for administration, which means it is not a scheduled medication administration. As needed, the prescription is filled.

What Are The Medical Abbreviations For Eyes?






oculus sinister (left eye)


oculus uterque (both eyes)


Pupillary distance

What Abbreviation Stands For Diagnosis?

A disease is defined by the abbreviation Dx.

Which Diagnostic Procedure Measures The Oxygen Level In The Blood?

Oxygen saturation (oxygen level) is measured by pulse oximetry. This painless test measures how well oxygen is being sent to parts of your body furthest from your heart, such as your arms and legs.

Which Of The Following Diagnostic Procedures Test Hearing?

Hearing function is measured by an audiometry exam. In addition to measuring the intensity and tone of sounds, it also measures the balance of the inner ear and other issues related to it. The test is administered by an audiologist, a doctor who specializes in hearing loss diagnosis and treatment.

What Medications Stop The Urge To Cough?

In addition to Dextromethorphan, cough suppressants are also known as dextromethorphan. By acting on a part of the brain (the cough center), it reduces the urge to cough.

What Kind Of Medication Is Suspended In A Mist In Order To Be Inhaled?

In order for the body’s metabolism to function properly, oxygen is needed. In the cells, carbon dioxide is moved from the blood.

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