Who Makes Robots Scribblenauts?

Clowns can be made to laugh by wearing clown noses or creating a “comedian”. You will earn the second Shard found in St. Asterisk if you do this.

How To Help The Paramedic In Scribblenauts?

In the right-hand corner of the firehouse is the third shard. The paramedic will need to restart the dummy’s heart here. You can earn the third shard at the Capital City Firehouse by creating a “defibrillator” and giving it to him.

How Do You Help The Stork In Scribblenauts?

In order to earn the shard, you must give the surgeon an X-ray machine or scalpel, but if you give the surgeon a weapon instead of any surgery or medical purpose items, Kempo will run away with the surgeon. I need help laughing again! The Best Medicine! Problem: Help me laugh again! The heart attack is a heart attack!

How Do You Fix Jalopy In Scribblenauts?

The solution is to move the jalopy away from the No Parking Sign in any way possible, such as with a rope or chain. The fastest way would be to use four balloons or a huge balloon. Clark is unlocked by this Starite Shard.

How Do You Spawn The Letter J In Scribblenauts?

  • I should finally name it after the last sentence.
  • Once you’ve given the creature a name, flip the switch to reveal a new one.
  • Turn the switch to flip it after you havewn the letter “J”.
  • What Do I Give Medusa In Scribblenauts?

    These three tourists have become stone thanks to a medusa. Her mate will be a cthulhu, and you’ll get the “Heartbreak Medusa” shard. Razer, Maxwell’s brother, is now unlocked in Avatars as well.

    How Do You Fix The Fire Alarm In Scribblenauts?

    Fly to the fire alarms and interact with them as a solution. There is no fire alarm in the top. The engineer should be able to work on the fire alarm by applying the adjective “working”.

    How Do You Help The Doctor In Scribblenauts?

    It is important for the surgeon to have the right equipment for her to perform her surgery. You can give her a sharp object, such as a spear. She will run out of the hospital with the surgeon chasing after her if you give her an innapropriate sharp item such as a “saw”.

    How Do You Illegally Park A Car In Scribblenauts?

    You can remove the illegally parked car by creating a “towtruck”, attaching the chain to it, and removing it. You’ll be awarded with the second Shard found in Capital City after a security guard appears out of nowhere, gets upset that the car has been removed, and then gets upset that the car has been removed.

    Can You Create Anything In Scribblenauts?

    The game allows you to create and modify objects that can be written into it (except for items and Nintendo Characters). There are many levels to choose from, and you can create anything you want.

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